September 03, 2014

Field Report: SA2-140903-F

September 3, 1924

From: Carl Selinger, Commanding Field Agent
To: Director Silver, Calgary Field Office
RE: Case File SA-140903-F


Our past few months in the field have finally borne some fruit. Our investigation into reports of strange occurrences near the village of Sundre led us to an abandoned shack near a quiet river crossing. As we approached we were set upon by zombies, seemingly commanded by an Egyptian mummy!

Miss Moreaux's newly discovered psychic abilities proved useless against our undead foes. She, Agent Daniels and Agent MacIntyre were quickly swarmed by a human zombie and a pair of surprisingly fast zombie hounds. I've never seen the like of these before, and moved to their aid as quickly as my crippled body would allow.

I was able to destroy the zombies, and then fend off the mummy long enough for our team to escape. Miss Moreaux escaped unscathed, and Daniels was fortunate enough to suffer only a minor arm wound. The unimaginable has happened however sir, my trusted lieutenant of three years, Agent Loamy MacIntyre, has died.

His wounds at the hands of these zombies were simply too great for us to attend to without the aid of a qualified surgeon. Even had we gotten him back to the village I doubt the local doctor would have been able to do more than ease his pain before passing.

I shall miss my friend, and I swear to avenge his death at the hands of these infernal monsters!

Carl Selinger
Commanding Field Agent

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Paul oftheManCave said...

Agent Loamy MacIntyre is hereby awarded the Medal of Commendation for his conspicuous dedication in the service of this department.

Consistent with the official act of secrecy surrounding his cases, Agent MacIntyre's posthumous award will remain a state secret and is not releasable to either his family or the public at large.