September 02, 2014

Prepare to meet your Doom!

Over the long weekend we had a chance to try out my copy of Doom: The Board Game for the first time. I picked it up at auction at last year's Fallcon and now after having played it, it's really a shame that we hadn't played it sooner!

I intended to start our gaming session with a game of 011, but one of our players was running late and that game requires a minimum of three to play. So we decided to fire up Doom, since it seemed reasonable that a latecomer should be able to 'spawn in' at any time without causing any major problems.

During the first few rounds we were getting to grips with the rules, all of the different tokens and how to read the map information as the invader player. It wasn't clear what everything was at first, but by the time the marine had opened up the third room we had it sorted. (We had missed a few tokens and retroactively gifted the marine with two weapons and some ammo.)

Once our third player arrived we spawned him in at the starting area, dumped the tokens that he would have spawned during the game in their appropriate places and kept on going. It worked very well looking back on it.

By the time the marines had obtained the red keycard and explored the hidden locker time was running low. I'd scored five frags against them and needed only one more to win the game. Drawing through the last card of the invader deck would grant me a frag, and both marines were just out of sprinting range of the red door in the time they had left.

It turned out to be a very fun game and I'd really like to play it again soon. The components and rule books look quite daunting, but inside that box is a quite simple and engaging game. If only the expansion wasn't so hard to find these days...


Barks said...

Your guys did well, in most of my games the marines have died before they get near the end.

I highly recommend the expansion- it tweaks a few rules, and the marine vs marine games are excellent fun.

Obsidian3D said...

I'd love to find a copy of the expansion someday, but it seems to command a hefty price tag. :(

Simon Quinton said...

Not something I've had the opportunity to try but it looks fun. Maybe you'll drop lucky and nab yourself an expansion.

Obsidian3D said...

Maybe someday!

I do think the game would look pretty cool painted.