February 23, 2015

Local Lawman, One Other Found Dead

Director Silver,

This news clipping was forwarded by Agent Jackson Daniels to you. It arrived this morning. No other information was attached.


Calgary Weekly Herald
Published: Monday Feb 23, 1925
By: Peter Bikram

A local lawman, Carl Selinger, and one as of yet unidentified man were found dead last week in the ruins of the old Victoria Park Asylum. No eye-witnesses to the incident have come forward, although reports from local residents state that gunfire and 'ghastly' noises were heard on the night of the 17th.

Authorities were contacted to provide statement but have refused to comment; only fueling further speculation. Shotgun shell casings, as well as small caliber cartridges were found in the vicinity of the bodies. However, an unnamed source stated that no gunshot wounds were found on the bodies. Requests to examine the remains in detail have also gone unanswered.

Underbrush in the immediate area appeared trampled, and strange 'inhuman' foot prints could be seen on the decaying remnants of the asylum flooring. Although the events of last Tuesday night remain shrouded in mystery, there is little doubt that Selinger was well respected in the law enforcement community and will be sorely missed.

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