February 11, 2015

Pulp City - Deadeye and Vigilantes

After I'd painted my TMNT figures I knew I would need a Casey Jones and April O'Neil some day. Thinking of Casey my mind pulled this miniature out of the cobwebs of memory. If I was going to paint one figure from the box, I might as well do the whole set. After I glued him to the base I did a quick size comparison and was a little disappointed that he's quite small; about the same size as Splinter. The turtles tower over him quite a bit.

I briefly considered rebasing him on a base topper to match the ones on the turtles, but it would have meant doing all three figures from the box, or just the one and have his base not match the rest of the set. It also might have been pretty difficult gluing him down with just the one heel as a contact point. Maybe trying to pin it would work, but I don't think I have a small enough drill bit to do it. In the end I opted to leave him as he was.

For a brief moment I did try to think of how I might create a golf bag for him to carry. I'm not a good sculptor so I decided to just paint him as is.

The second vigilante figure had a Luke Cage kind of vibe, but the bandana made me think more of Iron Fist, so I went with green and yellow. They're not colours I get to use very often and it's fun adding some more comic vibrancy to my figure collection. The skin I started out painting very dark and dry brushed up two levels to give it some added depth. He was a pretty simple paint job but one that turned out nicely. I'm calling him "Iron Cage," which is extremely lame, but seems appropriate for this dude.

Deadeye was easy. Back when I was painting my very first Dreadball team I did a yellow, blue and white scheme that I really liked. When I messed it up with some inks it became unsalvageable and I had to paint over the yellow with reds; but I always wanted to go back to the colour scheme. This isn't exactly it, as I did the pants in grey, but it looks close and I like it. The freehanded number on the jersey also turned out very well. I'm truly pleased with this one.

Once again I tried using some 'quickshade' on these figures. I don't have the Army Painter dark tone shade; I use a MinWax tudor that I found at a Home Hardware a few summers ago. I went a little too thick with it, although the end results after highlighting the figures I think the result is more than acceptable. While the shading effect is good, the setting time of the varnish and requirement of brushing on an anti-shine afterward (it's winter here, I can't use spray cans), it's not exactly quick.

I'm looking forward to playing a game of Pulp City with them at the head of my hero squad!


styx said...

A+ work!

Obsidian3D said...

Appreciated. I've really enjoyed working on comic book stuff lately. I have more on the way. I figure if I'm on a roll there's no reason to stop now!