May 19, 2015

CDBL Season 2 Championships

A short while ago we had our Season 2 championship day for the Calgary DreadBall League. After five rounds of league play Lar's season 1 human team, the "Massive Dynamic Iron Curtain" was in first place with 9 league points. This granted his team a bye into the championship game. The rest of the teams would vie for victory in a multiplayer game of DreadBall Ultimate.

Only three coaches were able to attend, so the semi-final game was played between"
- the "Keldoran Krushers" (Orx)
- the "Dwarf Fathers" (Forge Fathers) and
- the "Dread Monkeys" (Zees)

The DBU game was a first for all the coaches, and was a lot of fun. My Krushers got an early lead by scoring in one of the Zees' strike zones. A little bit of jockeying for points by both teams cut my score down to 1. In the 5th rush however I was able to push my total to 6, making me a target of both teams. Even with a concerted effort between them I was able to weather the storm and score another strike to keep my final score at 6 points.

If you haven't tried Ultimate I highly recommend it.

Lar's human team was awaiting their match against my Orx, and they were ready to lay down some payback for the last meeting!

I was the away team and started out by putting myself into a strong defensive position, knowing that the humans had a much better ability to score than my jacks did. Seeing an opportunity early however, I gambled and took the lead with a 3-point strike.

In doing so I knowing left my 3-point strike zone open, and despite my best efforts over the next few rushes I was unable to close the gap fast enough. My mistakes resulted in a 3-point lead for Massive Dynamic. Try as I might I couldn't close the gap, despite some valiant plays and a sacrificed goblin.

With the game out of reach and the final seconds ticking down my Orx resorted to smashing what they could.

In a dazzling display of skillful coaching Lar's "Massive Dynamic Iron Curtain" rolled their way to their first ever CDBL championship! Well done Lar, it was great fun. Congratulations!

"I won the championship, and all I got was this tiny little trophy.
Which I brought myself."

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