May 27, 2015

Pulp City - Supreme Edition KS package arrives

A box I wasn't expecting arrived a few weeks ago: my Pulp City collector's pledge from their Kickstarter campaign! I wasn't expecting it because I hadn't received any shipping notification for it. I didn't think to take any photos while I was going through stuff, but I really should have.

First off, the stuff in the package was a little hammered. The heroes starter and package of cards were squashed and had obviously rattled around a fair bit. On the up-side, the book was nicely covered in bubble wrap and had suffered no damage when I removed it from the box. The character cards were also wrapped and protected well enough. The resin models were nicely packed in a small box of their own and all but two arrived unscathed.

The "Yeti" model has some very fine spikes that obviously broke off during transport, and are small enough that even had I found them it would be unlikely I'd be able to glue them back on. I might consider trying to sculpt some new ones, or just ignore them and paint it as is. Cro Mag also suffered breakage on one ear, but that'll be easily glued back on.

Aside from that the resins are easily some of the nicest I've ever seen. Pulp Monsters is to be commended on the quality of those figures.

All of the other figures were wrapped in bubble wrap in a huge bag, inside several smaller bags. This is really where my griping will start and end...this was an extremely difficult and time-consuming thing to sort through. I'm relatively familiar with Pulp City characters, and even I found sorting the various models and pieces frustrating. The models and their components were often not in the same bags, and several of them were missing pieces.

I went through everything twice in order to ensure that I had what I had ordered. That was made very difficult by the fact that I didn't know exactly what figures I should have been getting. After going through all the pieces twice, and comparing it against the pledge spreadsheet, I ended up with several figures that had no cards, several cards that had no figures, and a sizeable pile of pieces that I didn't know what to do with.

In addition to that, both my hero and villains dice were not included in my package, nor did I receive the resin monster kit that should have come with my items. An email detailing all of the missing items did garner a speedy reply however, so I'm hopeful that it'll all get sorted out pretty soon.

I'm looking forward to the rest of my items arriving, and in the meantime I can give the new rules a few goes with the figures I already have painted. Provided I can talk someone into taking the game for a spin...


styx said...

A very nice haul there!

Obsidian3D said...

At the point I am firmly of the belief that I will never be able to paint everything I own in my lifetime. My eyes and hands with probably give out long before then.