May 29, 2015

Guild Ball KS Package Arrives

More stuff keeps arriving these days. It's cool and slightly disturbing at the same time. Cool because it's new toys, new games, and plenty more hobby to undertake. On the other hand it reminds me that there is money long-since spent only now turning into real items and it makes me think about the other things not yet delivered. Too much stuff in the long run.

Anyway, you're here to hear about my recently received items. Let's start with Guild Ball.

This package of stuff wasn't very large but it had a lot inside. The figures and a few other items were individually bagged, but the cards and all of the resin base inserts were rather unceremoniously dumped loose into the box. The absolutely great looking book suffered some minor scuffing on the cover and several of the cards were pretty dinged up.

After some time spent to sort everything out showed only one set of tokens was missing. A replacement set is being sent by the folks at Steamforged Games shortly. I have to say that they are top notch looking figures. The casting is very clean. It's a shame that some of them will need some bending and repair work during construction.

The only gripe I have is that during the campaign one of the first stretch goals was team-specific resin scenery goals. In the end something happened and the game producers decided not to do those. The communication to backers about that wasn't particularly clear or well explained, and it was disappointing.

Sorting this box of stuff was far, far easier than sorting out the Pulp City package. After having read through a good portion of the rule book I've decided that I'm going to start with Fishermen and Morticians guilds. That is, whenever I actually get around to working on this game. It could be a while, with all the other stuff I'm trying to push through right now.


Simon Quinton said...

Awesome there have been some cool looking painted gangs popping up here and there for this game.

I think this a problem with ks packages arrive. Enthusiasm for the product has usually cooled and other projects have been moved onto. I do hope to return to Empire of the Dead some day.

Obsidian3D said...

A very valid point. The other trouble is actually the amount of stuff you get when the packages arrive. So much stuff that it's hard to know where to start.

Stuff from other campaigns stacks up too so the queue just keeps getting longer.

At least I'll never be lacking for stuff to hobby on!