January 27, 2016

Black Mask & Lex Luthor Heroclix Repaints

I have a few more repainted-n-rebased Heroclix figures for use in SuperSystem and possibly Batman Miniature Game.

Black Mask

This one was pretty quick and some of the work isn't really visible, but I know it's been done so...

- dry brushed the suit and head w/ dark grey
- painted neck to match skin on wrist
- painted the gun and briefcase
- went back in with pure black on shoes, gloves, pockets and lapels
- black wash on everything
- added traffic lines after a quick dry brush on the base to give a bit of 'pop'

Once he was finished it occurred to me that if I were to print out his card for BMG, I could actually field a Black Mask crew with Branden, some crooked cops and whichever generic henchmen I wanted. I've not used Branden and a few SWAT figures in a game yet so it could be worth a go.

Lex Luthor

I already have a Lex in a prison jumpsuit that was used in one of our games of Supersytem 4th edition. I've had the scientist outfit figure set aside for quite some time, and he'll be used in another game when we can arrange a time for it.

When I was touching up the paint work on this figure I was quite surprised at just how much detail is actually on it. There is stitching on the pants and some nice detailing on the straps and gubbins of his suit. I really didn't do much other than some washes on the main colours, a few small touches like the mouth, metals and red on the chest. I doubt it took me a half hour.

Lex is absolutely beside himself!


Palmer Clarkson said...

Nice job I am in the middle of painting up a Heroclix Rhino just for fun. It's on a 40mm base to have a bit of a diorama. Big news today with the news release of the Marvel Universe game. It's good news to me butnIncant help but wonder how much effort will be put into the Spiderman game now.

Simon Quinton said...

Very cool. They turned out great.

Obsidian3D said...

I'm looking forward to putting together a repaint of power suit Lex as well. I have to dig one up from my clix somewhere.

Obsidian3D said...

I am surprised that they even bothered to do the Spiderman stuff as a strap on to BMG. Feels a bit like a cash grab now that they've announced a Marvel game, but we need to wait and see what the rules look like.

Palmer Clarkson said...

Not sure if you saw this but this person has a lit if info on the game


Obsidian3D said...

I did and have to say I'm disappointed. I really feel for the folks who jumped in to buy the Spiderman models only to be told today that the Marvel game isn't compatible with them.

SMG and BMG are essentially the same game, but the Marvel one is a different beast. I'm sure it will be a good game, but it certainly fractures the community, as people who are fans of one are usually fans of both. Now they have to choose a game and it's not good in my eyes.

Collecting the BMG minis is very expensive, so I'm unlikely to branch out into Marvel with it being a different system that I can't integrate into BMG.

Palmer Clarkson said...

Well I am only invested to about 70 dollars at this point and I don't feel too bad. But I haven't invested the time and money you have. Honestly I am only into it because of Marvel so I was happy to see the MU game because like we mentioned the crew design doesn't seem like it would work well for the bigger universe. I am a little concerned about what the SMG will turn out to be because I would like some NY SM tabletop games but I guess we will see. I do think Knight Models is going through a bit of a identity crisis figuring out how to expand from the BMG. However IMO this overall could be very good for them. They have done a great job designing and supporting the BMG which I do not think is an easy task (so many fail especially comic games.) It will not be automatic that the additional games will be as good and I would actually say that although I am hoping for good there is a good chance that something will go wrong and none of them will be as good as a game as BMG. But the opportunity is KM having more great brands and strengthening the company further allowing resources put into all their games which could be great.

Obsidian3D said...

I think it is a gamble. If the Marvel Universe game does well, maybe that opens the doors for a compatible DC Universe game, which I would be very excited to see.

I do think that, should that happen, it would essentially be the death knell for BMG. Perhaps I'm just being pessimistic, but I don't see players wanting to restrict themselves to street level gang fights when you can play all out battles with heroes and villains. I could be wrong though.