January 07, 2016

So What Will My Hobby Focus Be in 2016?

This is a really tough one. The start of a new year always brings about people making resolutions or at the very least trying to make changes in their lives. I generally try not to make sweeping resolutions because quite simply, I feel that's setting oneself up for failure or disappointment. Large goals or achievements, in my opinion, are the result of small, deliberate steps towards that goal.

Last year superhero gaming took the front seat for me: Batman Miniatures Game, Pulp City Supreme Edition and even Supersytem 4th Edition to some extent, all became regular parts of how I spent my hobby and gaming time.

The biggest culprit for me was the Batman Miniatures Game. I went in on this in a BIG way in 2015. With the delivery I received yesterday, including objectives and street scenery, I've acquired over 120 figures for the game. Most of these figures are built and primed already, but on the down side I have only painted 14 if you exclude those same objectives and street scenery. Despite the high cost per model the game play is fun and challenging, I think they look very good when painted...even if painted by me.

It is my hope that I can some day possess the full range of DC figures from Knight Models, and actually get them painted! Since I currently only own a little over half the range, it is going to take a while and a fair bit more cash. Also, until the Marvel figures are available through regular channels and are no longer KM web store exclusives I'll have to stick to repainting Heroclix for my Marvel characters. That's just fine, as I have boxes and boxes of clix collecting dust in a closet somewhere.

Another thing I spent a lot on in 2015 was 1:43 vehicles, particularly the Eagelmoss Batman Automobilia stuff. I have tons of vehicles now and am really only looking for a city bus and a school bus to cover the bases of what I want. I'd like to have some more classic stuff from the 20s thru 50s, but those far less likely to be found. If I do come across something however, it's likely to be a one-off purchase. A lot of the vehicles will need some weathering and customization but it's a very low priority on my hobby to-do list.

Pulp City ran another, much smaller, Kickstarter campaign in 2015. Having bought the collector's pledge from their Supreme Edition campaign (which was 2014 I think), and gone in for all the figures from the Cold War campaign, that pile is massive, something like 150 figures still to build and paint. I have one purchase planned for a few Pulp City figures to complete my collection but it's low on the list, as I know the longer I wait the less likely it will be that they end up releasing something before I paint what I have.

For 2016 I don't see my focus diverting much from superhero tabletop gaming. Some scenery building and painting will surely happen, and I know I'll suffer from continual distractions of other games, both new and already owned. I will be doing my best to stay focused, especially on restricting my purchases. I have so much stuff, maybe I'll even get rid of some of it!


pulpcitizen said...

Looking forward to seeing your 2016 output. :)

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks. I've got the new Pulp Coty starters in the queue for first quarter, likely followed by all the grimms!