January 04, 2016

Dec 2015 Progress Report

December is a busy time for me, but with some vacation time booked, I was looking forward to getting a few in-progress items knocked off and finished before the end of the year. Mother nature had other plans for me however, as I came down with a cold the first night of my vacation. I still have that cold now, but it's finally loosening its claws and I do hope to be rid of it in short order.

So here's what I got done built in December, despite being sick for a good third of it. It all ended up being building, green stuff and basing, as I didn't finish painting a single model in December. (Well, unless you count the Orks, which I had essentially done in November, so...I don't.) At least I honed in my focus on two games: Batman Miniatures Game and Pulp City.

- Built Ra's & League of Shadows starter box (4)
- Built BMG comic Ra's, Talia & Nyssa (3)
- Built BMG ninja booster pack (2)
- Built BMG Shiva starter box (4)
- Filled all the gaps on all of my Joker, Arkham Inmates and League of Shadows figure (~24)
- Built Pulp City villains starter (3)
- Built Pulp City heroes starter (3)
- Based all the above figures plus a few more

The only other hobby related thing I did was order even more figures for BMG. Meeplemart had a Boxing Day sale with 12% off of all regular priced stock. According to my tracking info, delivery was attempted today.

Happy New Year all! I gotta get painting...


Palmer Clarkson said...

What are your thoughts on Knight Models bringing The Spiderman miniatures game on board? I purchased a couple of mini's for the Spiderman game. As good as the BMG rulebook looks I was hoping for a SM/Marvel specific one but it doesn't seem like it will happen soon.

Obsidian3D said...

I love comics in general, and was a big Marvel fan as a kid. I'm my older days I find I prefer DC but couldn't say why.

As to the game, I don't feel that Marvel really fits the 'crew' mechanism well, unlike the villains from Batman do.

So far we have only tried one game with the Marvel characters. Green Arrow and Batman vs Spidey and Daredevil. It was not the most exciting game I've ever played. I thought Daredevil seemed accurate, but Spidey was underpowered in terms of damage and very hard to hit. That second part might be accurate, but it didn't translate into fun on the tabletop.

For model, I won't be buying any Marvel models until KM sorts out distribution. I'm not interested in paying even higher prices because I have to order direct from them.

Palmer Clarkson said...

I just purchased Doc oc, Daredevil, and the green goblin from meeplemart figuring I could just download the cards if I end up playing it. I agree on the crew mechanic not fitting as well for Marvel. This was a bit concerning at first but when seeing hawk girl and cyborg released and how many 35 mm Marvel characters they have in the vault ready to go I was less bothered by it. Although Shield and Hydra could make for good crew IMO I really want to pick up Doom and the Thing but am holding off for the moment as I see them less likely to be supported soon.

Obsidian3D said...

SHIELD and Hydra do fit a lot better. I'm really hoping that the Hydra starter will be Red Skull and some troopers.

Where are you located?

Palmer Clarkson said...

This is Palmer from Cgy gamers, most of my gaming time lately is supporting historical skirmish games for a club we started but I was picking this up primarily for solo gaming but at one point could be up for an occasional game once I have everything. I was a big Marvel fan as a kid too. I would like a Red Skull but perhaps not their existing model which has a strong shades of grey flavor imo lol

Obsidian3D said...

I thought you might be local! I'm a member of the KM demo crew and I've been trying to find folks who want to do a BMG escalation league. Would you be interested?

Basic idea would be to start at 150 rep, play a few games (like 3, one against each other player), then do it again up to 300. Final round would be a 350 rep tournament with (hopefully) tournament support.

Email me or pm me on the boards and we can discuss.