February 01, 2016

BMG Arkham Origins Batman Painted

This model was the second Batman I added to my collection of Batman Miniature Game figures from Knight Models. The profile card and sculpt are based on the younger Bruce Wayne as portrayed in the "Arkham Origins" prequel video game. I think I'm in the minority but "Arkham Origins" is probably my favourite game of the entire video game series!

He is the second most expensive Batman in the game, behind the the 150 rep "Arkham Knight" figure released at the end of 2015.

I knew I was going to paint the Arkham Knight model in the classic black and grey scheme, so I wanted to try something really different with this model. One of the bonus skins in Arkham Knight is the Justice League 3000, which I had never seen before. I loved the sleek metallic red look, with the tech-looking ears and glowing red eyes.

Even though the AO figure isn't sculpted with the high-tech look I was hoping to emulate, it seemed like the body armour would work well for the colour scheme. I wasn't able to get the red as rich as I wanted but he did turn out very nicely. As I was getting close to finishing the paint job I was a little worried because it just wasn't looking right. A final dry brush of red on top of the cape and red armour, and a few light touches of dark grey on the black armour was just the push it needed.

Every incarnation of Batman needs an awesome car, so I found this one in my collection of Eaglemoss Batmobiles which suits him very nicely. The red on these windows is what I was going for but I didn't quite get there. He still looks pretty awesome next to that car...


pulpcitizen said...

Looks great, and a nice colour option. :)

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks! I'm happy that the sculpt still reads well with all that red. Even if people don't recognize the inspiration, he still is immediately recognizable as Batman!