February 11, 2016

Calgary Dreadball League Season 3 Underway!

With a few local players expressing interest in playing another season of Dreadball, I put together a quick outline of the rules, posted some dates and within a few days we had people arranging and playing their games.

This season I elected to play Veer-myn from the debut season. I had to dig around in my copious amount of unbuilt models for the game to find my booster pack and build the remaining figures before I could start painting the Berserker Island Beasts.

Including the core team, booster, downed figure and keeper model I think I have 15 Veer-myn models. They're currently about half painted. Yep, halfway through the season with two wins, and they're not even fully dressed!

My first game was against a new player running an Orx team, the Atomic Smashers. It was a heavy hitting hard fought game in which I was able to win by 2. I was able to roll enough income to add an offensive coach, which I've always wanted to try.

For the second game I was up against an Unicorporated team, the Rinberg Rallarat Rebellion, who had been coached to three victories...two of which were landslides! When I had a look at the team roster it looked quite difficult to deal with. High skill strikers, heavy hitting guards and jacks, and me with only two guards and a bunch of low skill strikers.

With the underdog bonus I was able to roll for three free agents. I selected the season 1 free agent chart and luck smiled upon me: a Corporation jack, an Orx guard and a Forge Father guard. With home advantage I put all my free agents on the pitch, along with my two Veer-myn guards and a lone striker.

Early on I used the Orx guard to sprint down the field and take it to the two opposing strikers. I was able to put one out for two rounds, and kill the other. I made a few mistakes but was able to strike for 3 points to take the lead. I followed this with a quick 1-pointer shortly after to make it 4 points.

It was announced that the store was closing soon so we discussed whether to try playing one 1 or 3 more rushes (which would end at 12). We opted for 12, and each of my strike zones were covered by a guard, so the rebs jack focused on pushing my Veer-myn guard out of the way in my 3-point zone and scored to reduce my lead to 1.

On rush 11 I scored a 2-point strike but failed to use all of my actions, which stupidly left my 3-point zone open. Luckily for me the rebs jack bobbled his attempt to pick up the ball and the game ended.

It was too bad that we had to cut the game a little short, but if we had continued to play the final two rushes I think I would have still had the victory. My 3-point zone would not have been left open again, and with some luck I might have been able to try for a 3 or 4 point shot.

After the game I rolled 21mc on my five dice (woo-hoo), bought a coaching die and another guard. I also received man of the match and luckily rolled a skill increase on one of my strikers. Things are looking good for the Beasts.

Now I just need to finish those paint jobs...

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