February 24, 2016

Level 10 Game of Pulp City Supreme Edition

Excepted from the Pulp City Gazette, published on Feb 24, 2016.

Time Bombs Have Explosive Results at Fairgrounds

Reports were received that two time bombs had been planted down at the old Pulp City Fairgrounds. Several members of the Ape Revolution Committee arrived and tried to dispose of one, while a motley array of heroes tried to dispose of the other. Iron Train hauled one explosive over to the speedy Androida who dropped it off in a remote area. Silverager failed to dispose of the other time bomb which went off in the middle of the grounds.

Although no innocent civilians were hurt in the fracas, hundreds of dollars in property damage was caused when the two groups began attacking one another. Granted, no one is likely to put in a claim for repairs since the the Fairgrounds have sat empty for quite some time.

Many eye-witness accounts seem to disagree, but many report that the members of the ARC seemed confused that Guerrilla, their on-again off-again leader, had taken up arms against them and quickly launched into battle against the heroes.

It appears that Gentleman, Red Riding Hoodoo, Foxxy Blade and some local vigilantes cornered Silverager and Howler near the old games area, with the intent of stopping the two from disposing the the ticking explosive. They weren't up to the task, but Guerilla and Gentleman stopped them in their tracks after disposing of the pesky Le Murtiple.

The ARC released a statement via Twitter earlier this morning:

"These so-called heroes stopped us from protecting the old fairgrounds and put ARC members and local Pulp Citizens at risk last night. They're not the protectors you think they are and will pay for their assault against the ARC!"

None of the heroes reported to have been involved in last nights' event have chosen to comment.

by June Summers

The game took us quite a while and was the first time we used one of the plots. We haven't played in a few months and the first turn was lengthy while we read abilities and started remembering synergies amongst the characters we had chosen.

My team was made up of Ace of Wraiths, Iron Train, Androida, Foxxy Blade, Red Riding Hoodoo w/ Zombie Wolf, Guerrilla and a pair of vigilantes. The ARC forces included Le Murtiple, Howler, Apebot and Virus, and Dr. Red. I opted to split up, focusing a few supremes on taking out the pesky (but dangerous) Le Murtiple while the rest went after Silverager and Howler. It seemed pretty unlikely that I'd be able to take out the big guy in four turns.

I put the table together using a bunch of the Plastcraft Games pre-coloured "Dark Circus" sets. It looks good but is a little pricey for what you get in my opinion.

Every time we play a game of Pulp City I'm reminded how fluid the game plays and just how much fun it is. I'm already looking forward to the next time we get it on the table. I think we're just about ready to add in the agendas and really start playing the game with all the rules. I've a few things to finish on the hobby table, but when I get back to Pulp City I'll be tackling the paint work on all of my Grimm figures.


Simon Quinton said...

lol great report. Love the fact the apes use twitter :)

Obsidian3D said...

They're pretty smart, those apes...

pulpcitizen said...

Very nice little report Obsidian3D, and great models and terrain - looks like a fantastic game set-up. :)

Obsidian3D said...

It was good fun, but took longer than we had expected. We will know better for next time, perhaps a slightly smaller game size...