July 09, 2008

Can you smell the rares?

I love rare cards. The near-brokenness of their effects, awesome artwork and sheer cardboardy goodness all make me smile. And if you're lucky, sometimes you get that extra-shiny rare-card treat! Just the other day I received an envelope in the mail containing 70-plus rare cards that I had ordered online. With these cards added to my collection I can finally declare my first two complete sets: DC Origins and Green Lantern Corps.

Now to clarify, "complete" to me may not mean the same as it does to you. I'm a collector as well as a player, and as such my aim is to obtain at least one copy of each card from each set. Many other players would consider a complete set to be 4 copies of each card from the set. The fact is that there are just too many cards out there and not enough time for me to play. And of course some rares I may never have a chance to use, and thus don't need four copies, or they are cards that you simply dont need four copies of (basically any card with cost 8 or higher).

All of my cards are neatly organized into binders by expansion set, so it is easy to tell what cards I'm missing. It also makes it a lot easier when building decks, as I know exactly where to look for what I need. I also tend not to keep decks together for very long. I like to change what I'm playing on a frequent basis. The binders allow me to flip through, looking at cards and artwork until something catches my eye. From there, I can pick a card or team that seems interesting and begin to build a new deck.

My want list is still in need of a lot of attention, so drop me a line if you have stuff to trade. I probably need something you have.

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