July 19, 2008

A good gaming group is hard to find

The group that's come together to play Vs. at our regular Hobby League events is definitely a good one though. We're also lucky to have a supportive store to play at, which makes all the difference in the world.

Yesterday's event wasn't any kind of special event, nor did we have any special prizes, but we still had eight players show up with mostly new constructed decks. There was quite a field too including Avengers, New Brotherhood, Crime Lords (two different builds), Outsiders, Gotham Knights and a tweaked Thule Society deck. I've been really impressed with some of the deck building skills of the players lately too. Some of this stuff is amazingly inventive.

I have played against both of the Crime Lords builds and find them to be very strong decks. Master Man is a serious threat if you can't get him off the board. With cards like Hired Hit he can be made huge even if you're trying to avoid attacking him. Add in all of the reinforcement mechanics with James Barnes and the Death Warrant and it's scary. The only thing I've had good success against them with Thule Society.

I haven't really spent much time building anything from Marvel Universe specifically, but rather play-testing against a few of the other players builds. The only one that I've actually built is a Warbound deck. But as I only have one or maybe two of some of the main rares (Sakaar, Great Arena, etc...) it's really not that good. I also don't find it that much fun to play, so I will likely be taking it apart fairly soon.

I'm still trying to make my Infinity Watch / Fearsome Five team-up deck work. The bloody thing still doesn't even have a name. Since I've talked about it a few times I figured I might as well post up a deck list.

4x DOR-121 Gizmo (1)
2x MHG-175 Pip the Troll (2)
2x DOR-126 Shimmer (2)
4x DJL-120 Dr. Sivana (3)
2x MHG-173 Gamora (3)
3x DOR-122 Jinx (4)
3x MHG-174 Moondragon (4)
3x DOR-120 Dr. Light (6)
2x MHG-176 Thanos (6)
2x DOR-125 Psimon (7)
1x MHG-171 Adam Warlock (7)

Plot Twists:
2x DOR-127 The Underworld Star
2x MHG-177 Gathering the Watch
2x MHG-196 Armageddon
3x MAV-197 Prismatic Shield
4x DCR-191 Forbidden Loyalties
4x MUN-320 Public Outcry
4x MUN-309 House of M

2x MHG-178 Mind Gem
2x MTU-211 Ego Gem
2x MHG-185 Time Gem
1x MHG-180 Reality Gem
1x MHG-181 Soul Gem
1x MHG-179 Power Gem
1x MUN-293 Quantum Bands
1x MHG-184 The Infinity Gauntlet

2x MTU-213 Monster Island
2x MTU-214 New Baxter Building
2x MUN-295 Asgard

Total cards = 66

I have played variations of this deck for the past few months, but it really didn't seem to work well until I was able to put in some cards from Marvel Universe. I replaced Soul World with Asgard and swapped in the Public Outcry and House of M because they can still work when I have Monster Island on the board.

We played a few four-player team games after the regular event. Shimmer is a monster, especially in multi-player games. Exhausting two or three of an opponent's characters for two or three rounds can be devastating. Colin will vouch for it. :D

Next up will be our "Bring Your Own Team" event.

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