July 22, 2008

DCU Fan-set Preview: Pancake Breakfast

Once again I've had the good fortune of being given a card to preview from the DC Universe fan-set created by some of the players over on VS Realms. So far the set is looking fantastic, and contains all kinds of Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps shenanigans. It's almost a shame that it's a fan set, because some of these cards are so damn good. It's been promised that the set will be available for both Magic Workstation and OCTGN (my preferred virtual tabletop). Being able to play with these cards, even if only just online is a very exciting prospect.

So with that, let's have a look at the next preview!

Pancake BreakfastNow I have to admit that my JSA knowledge is far more limited than my Green Lantern lore, but I know the characters and have tried a deck or two out. However, you don't need to be a JSA expert to realize that Pancake Breakfast is a good card!

The JSA's theme seems to be based on getting bonuses for having a lot of exhausted characters. So, if you're able to keep another character out of your KO pile, it stands to reason that you can have more bonuses. Not to mention the possible board advantage you could get after your opponent goes all out to stun your two biggest characters in hopes of KOing one of them.

The cost of the card really isn't an expensive one either. If you have a card in hand that you plan to recruit next turn, why not put it back on top of your deck? It certainly isn't going anywhere and you'll be getting it back soon enough.

I also think this card could be pretty strong in an army or rally deck as well. I'm sure there are some players out there far smarter than me that could come up with some pretty spiffy combos. Or just save them all up for the end of turn six. Just when your opponent thinks they've stunned all of your characters and you'll only be coming back with one character...you recover four of them and have a full field plus your seven-drop the next turn. Ouch times five = good times.

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