March 24, 2009


Welcome back everyone. I feel I should apologize for the lack of solid writing I've put on the blog here lately. My focus has been elsewhere and even during our events I haven't been paying as much attention to detail as I should have. Case in point: I can remember the teams most of our players were using last Friday, but only a few of their guest stars. Please post up some comments to remind me what you were playing.

However, I do remember the top three finishers from our guest-star event. In a four round game with seven players we ended up with three going 3-1. MANTIS ranked the players to give us our top three.

First place: Roy - an X-Force deck using The Captain and some nasty beats. I think I lost my match against him on turn five.
Second place: Will - sorry...I am blanking on this one. :(
Third: Jon - Exiles craziness with Mimic and Blink non-unique swarm. Longshot was the guest star.

Vern, Harry, Jordan and myself rounded out the 7 players. I'll post up my "JSA featuring Lobo" deck list another day.

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Roy said...

Will's deck was based on auto-recovery guys and Survival of the Fittist. Deadpool 2drop was his guest star. Jordan played Exiles with Wolv 6drop as his guest star.