March 26, 2009

Marvel Legends FAQ

Marvel Legends Frequently Asked Questions
Compiled by Paul Ross, with contributions from Dave DeLaney, David Harris, and Edwin Teh
Last updated August 13, 2007


1. This set is legal for sanctioned Constructed tournaments from September 14, 2007.

2. New card frame

• Concealed icons

Each character and equipment card now has a sun and a moon icon, each of which can be lit or unlit. Concealed cards have only the moon icon lit. Non-concealed cards have only the sun icon lit. Concealed-optional cards have both icons lit. If a card refers to a card “with concealed,” it’s referring to any card with the moon icon lit.

Concealed and concealed-optional are no longer keywords or powers, and are no longer printed in text boxes. A concealed or concealed-optional card remains so even while it is stunned or attached to a stunned character.

• Affiliation icons

Each affiliation now has an associated icon that can be used interchangeably with it. If such an icon is printed on a card, it’s the same as its associated affiliation being printed there.

• Activate () icon

This icon represents the word “activate.”

3. New rules (to take effect from September 14, 2007)

• Opposing

An opposing card or effect is one controlled by an opponent.

• Can attack hidden

A character can attack a player directly if he controls no non-stunned visible characters, even if he controls a non-stunned hidden character that attacker can attack.

Example: Wolverine reads, “Pay 2 endurance >>> Wolverine can attack hidden characters this turn.” Your opponent controls a non-stunned hidden character but no non-stunned visible characters. Even after his power has been used, Wolverine can attack that opponent directly.

• Fail to find

When searching a private zone (deck or hand), you can always “fail to find” a card of a specified description. However, you can’t fail to find:

o a card (without a description) in a private zone that isn’t empty.
o a card (with or without a description) in a public zone.

Example: Four Freedoms Plaza reads, “[Activate] >>> If you control Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, and Thing, search your deck for a card and put it into your hand.” If your deck isn’t empty, you can’t fail to find a card.

• Hats and clouds

The rules for continuous modifiers from effects have been greatly simplified. Previously, such modifiers were divided into those that flagged applicable cards as they were created (or gave them “hats” that they kept regardless of what happened subsequently) and those that didn’t flag (or created a “cloud” that cards could move in and out of regardless of whether they were in it to begin with.)

The simplification is that all such modifiers are now clouds. No cards are flagged as they are created. As a result, there is no longer any need for a list of qualities (which were used only to differentiate the two types of modifiers.)

Example: Robotic Offensive reads, “Choose an affiliation. Opposing characters with that affiliation get -2 DEF while in combat with Army Doom characters you control this turn.” As this effect resolves, it creates a “cloud” that:

o Initially affected characters can stop being affected by if they change control or lose the chosen affiliation (they don't keep their “hats”)

o Characters that enter an opponent’s control or gain the chosen affiliation later can still be affected by (they didn't miss out on a “hat”)

4. Legend characters

Some characters check whether “you have recruited another” character with that name this game.

• You have recruited a character once you have successfully added its recruit effect to the chain, before it enters play.

• Such characters don’t check whether that other character is still in play or under your control.

• If you recruit such a character, then that card leaves play and returns to play, the game considers it to be a different character to the one that was recruited, so it passes its own check.

Example: You control Cable, Askani'Son and Wolverine, Bloodlust, but you haven’t recruited another Wolverine this game. If you remove Wolverine from play with Bodyslide, you can use his power after he returns because he is considered a different Wolverine from the one you originally recruited.

Plot Twist, 3
Play only if you control Cable.

Remove target non-stunned character you control from the game. Its owner puts it into play at the start of your next attack step.

Wolverine, Bloodlust
Character, 7, X-Men, 17/16
Stun Wolverine >>> Stun all opposing attackers and defenders. Use only if Wolverine is in combat and only if you recruited another Wolverine this game.

5. Reprinted cards

Marvel Legends includes cards from earlier sets, some with text different from their original text.

• If a Marvel Legends card is legal for a tournament, then any card from an earlier set with the same name and version as that card is also legal.

• The Marvel Legends text is used for each such card, even if different from its original text.


Assorted Aliases
Plot Twist, 3
To play, discard a character card.

Target character gets +3 / +3 this attack if it's a different version of the discarded card.

Two cards are "different versions" of each other if they have the same name but at least one version they don't share.

Blob, Immovable Object
Character, 6, Brotherhood, 10/15
Blob can't be moved.

Blob can't be moved during a formation step, or by any modifier.

Plot Twist, 3
Play only if you control Cable.

Remove target non-stunned character you control from the game. Its owner puts it into play at the start of your next attack step.

You don't need to target a character named Cable. Uniqueness is not checked as that character returns to play. It returns to play ready under its owner's control, triggering any “enters play” powers or modifiers. A concealed character returns to play hidden. A concealed—optional character returns to play in the area of its owner’s choice.

Cable, Askani'Son
Character, 6, X-Men, 13/12
[Activate] >>> Whenever a Cable you control stuns target character this turn, remove that character from the game.

This modifier can be triggered by any character named Cable you control, whether or not that Cable was in play as it was created (and whether or not this Cable is in play as it triggers.)

Deadgirl, Dead Again?
Character, 4, Marvel Knights, 6/8
Whenever Deadgirl enters a KO'd pile from play, you may pay 4 endurance. If you do, return her to play at the start of the next phase.

This power triggers even if she is stunned as she leaves play. However, it doesn't trigger if she enters a KO'd pile from a resource row.

Desert Eagle
Equipment, 0, Concealed-Optional
Equip only to a Marvel Knights character.

Equipped character gets +2 ATK, has range, and can be equipped with two Desert Eagles.

In combination with cards that allow you equip a character with two equipment (like Pier 4 or Punisher, Guns Blazing) you can equip that character with one Desert Eagle and one other equipment, and then equip it with a second Desert Eagle for a total of three. This doesn't work if you start with two Desert Eagles equipped.

Dr. Doom, Gypsy King
Character, 4, Doom, 7/6
When Dr. Doom enters play, look at target face-down opposing resource. If it's a non-ongoing plot twist, you may turn it face up.

Turning a plot twist face up does not play it. Its controller may play it in response to negate this effect.

Force Field Projection
Plot Twist, 3
To play, exhaust an Invisible Woman you control.

Remove target defender you control and all attackers from this attack.

Because this targets a defender, it can’t be played during a direct attack. None of the removed characters ready as the attack concludes.

Franklin Richards, Child of the Cosmos
Character, 5, Fantastic Four, 10/9
[Activate] >>> If you control Invisible Woman or Mr. Fantastic, gain 5 endurance.

You gain only 5 endurance even if you control both of them.

Jean Grey, Phoenix Rising
Character, 5, X-Men, 9/9
Jean Grey enters play with a +1 / +1 counter for each Jean Grey card in your KO'd pile.

If another Jean Grey is put into your KO'd pile by the uniqueness rule, that card is included in the total.

Lilandra, Majestrix of the Shi'ar
Character, 4, Shi'ar, 6/7
[Activate], Discard a Shi'ar character card >>> Ready another target Shi'ar attacker or defender you control.

Readying an attacker doesn't remove it from the attack.

Magneto, Mutant Supreme
Character, 4, Brotherhood, 7/7
[Activate] >>> Stun target character with the lowest cost among characters in play. Use only during the combat phase and only if you control another Brotherhood character.

The target doesn't need to be the only character in play with that cost, as long as no character costs less (including stunned characters.)

Marvel Boy, Noh-Varr
Character, 3, Marvel Knights, 4/5
Transfer an equipment equipped to Marvel Boy to another character you control >>> You may equip to Marvel Boy an equipment card with cost 0 from your hand. Use only once per turn.

You can transfer equipment only to a legal recipient. You can do so whether or not there are any equipment cards in your hand.

Mimic, Exile
Character, 6, X-Men, 11/13
Pay 2 endurance >>> Mimic gains target character's payment powers this turn. Use only once per turn.

Mimic gains all payment powers the target character has (both printed and otherwise gained) as this effect resolves, and keeps them until end of turn, even if that character loses them. Any direct references to that target's name become references to Mimic in the copied powers.

Mr. Sinister, Visionary Geneticist
Character, 5, 9/9
Opposing characters lose and can't have powers and keywords during the combat phase.

Affected characters effectively lose all text as well as any other powers or keywords they have gained. Concealed and concealed-optional are no longer powers or keywords and so are not affected. If two or more opponents each control Mr. Sinister, the one that has been face-up in play the longest "wins" and all others lose their powers.

Mystique, Shapely Shifter
Character, 4, Brotherhood, 8/6
When Mystique enters play, choose a name. If you don't control a character with that name, Mystique loses all names and gains that name.

If you later recruit another unique character with the chosen name, the uniqueness rule will put this card into your KO'd pile as usual. You may choose the name "Mystique."

Nocturne, Talia Wagner
Character,2, Brotherhood, 2/2, Concealed
Whenever Nocturne causes breakthrough, you may KO her. If you do, move target stunned opposing character to your front row.

If Nocturne stuns a defender as she causes breakthrough, that defender is a legal target for her effect.

Only Human
Plot Twist, 2
Target opposing character loses and can't have flight, powers, and keywords during the combat phase this turn.

That character effectively loses all text as well as any other powers or keywords it has gained. Concealed and concealed-optional are no longer powers or keywords and so are not affected.

Plot Twist, 3
Discard any number of cards. Each opposing character with cost equal to the cost of a card you discarded gets -3 DEF this turn.

Each opposing character gets a maximum of -3 DEF, regardless of how many cards with that cost you discarded.

Plot Twist, 3
To play, discard a card.

If all characters you control share an affiliation, remove all defenders from this attack.

Check affiliations as this effect resolves. The condition is true if there is at least one affiliation that all characters you control have in common. Any attackers will usually ready as the combat concludes.

Sentinel Mark VII, Repurposed
Character, 6, Brotherhood, 13/12
While you control Magneto, whenever Sentinel Mark VII stuns another character, you may stun target character with the lowest cost among characters its controller controls.

The target doesn't need to be the only character controlled by that player with that cost, as long as no character controlled by that player costs less (including stunned characters.) Stunning a target causes this power to re-trigger, so ultimately it’s possible to stun all the lowest-cost characters a player controls. However, if you stun a character this way, there’s never an opportunity to KO that character in such a way that you can aim the re-trigger effect at a higher-cost character (because it is targeted.)

Sneak Attack
Plot Twist, 3
You may move target X-Men character you control. It can attack protected characters and can't be stunned while attacking this turn.

You may move that character only within its current area.

Sniper Shot
Plot Twist, 3
Ongoing: Exhaust a Punisher you control >>> Put an aim counter on Sniper Shot. Use only once per phase.

Remove three aim counters from Sniper Shot >>> KO target character.

The four phases of each turn are: draw, build, combat, and recovery. So, for example, you can’t use the first power during your recruit step and then use it again during your opponent’s recruit step that turn because both steps are during the same build phase.

Unstable Ground
Location, 2
When Unstable Ground enters a KO'd pile from play, target player loses 4 endurance.

This power doesn't trigger if Unstable Ground is face down as it leaves play.

Plot Twist, 4
Whenever target Juggernaut stuns a front row defender this attack, stun the character behind that defender.

A support row character is behind a front row character only if they are in the same column.

Valeria Richards, Child of Light and Darkness
Character, 1, Fantastic Four, 0/1
[Activate] >>> Gain 4 endurance if you control Dr. Doom, Invisible Woman, or Mr. Fantastic.

You gain only 4 endurance even if you control more than one of them.

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