March 25, 2009

DC Legends FAQ

DC Legends Frequently Asked Questions
Compiled by Paul Ross, with contributions from Dave DeLaney, David Harris, and Edwin Teh
Last updated December 19, 2007


1. This set is legal for sanctioned Constructed tournaments from January 1, 2008.

2. New card frame

• Concealed icons

Each character and equipment card now has a sun and a moon icon, each of which can be lit or unlit. All cards with concealed have the moon icon lit; concealed cards have only the moon icon lit, and concealed—optional cards have the sun icon lit as well. Non-concealed cards have only the sun icon lit.

Concealed and concealed—optional are no longer keywords or powers and are no longer printed in text boxes. A concealed or concealed—optional card remains so even while it is stunned or attached to a stunned character.

• Affiliation icons

Some affiliations have each been given an associated icon that can be used interchangeably with it. If such an icon is printed on a card, it’s the same as the associated affiliation being printed there.

• Activate () icon

This icon represents the word “activate.”

3. Reprinted cards

DC Legends includes cards from earlier sets, some with text different from their original text.

• If a DC Legends card is legal for a tournament, then any card from an earlier set with the same name and version as that card is also legal.

• The DC Legends text is used for each such card, even if that text is different from the original text.


Amazo, Power Duplication
Character, 6, Secret Society, 12/12
Whenever Amazo enters combat, he gains the powers and keywords of all opposing attackers and defenders this attack.

Amazo gains all powers and keywords of applicable characters (both printed and otherwise gained) as this effect resolves, and he keeps them until end of attack, even if those characters lose them. Any self-references become references to Amazo in the copied powers.

Aquaman, Lord of Atlantis
Character, 6, JLA, 13/12
When Aquaman enters play, return a character card and a non-character card from your KO'd pile to your hand.

This effect doesn't target, so you don't choose any cards to return until it resolves (by which time it's too late for opponents to remove the chosen cards in response). If your KO'd pile contains both character and non-character cards, return one of each. If it contains one kind but not the other, return one card of that kind.

Barry Allen <> The Flash, Crimson Tornado
Character, 4, JLA / Speed Force, 8/5
[Activate], Move Barry Allen to your support row >>> Barry Allen can't stun attackers or be stunned by attackers this attack.

You can use this power even if Barry is already in your support row. If you do, you may move him to a different position or the same one. You can use this power only during an attack, but regardless of whether Barry is in combat. Moving him won't change attack legality. You still take breakthrough.

Bart Allen <> Kid Flash, Generation Fourth
Character, 3, Teen Titans, 6/3
Bart Allen has the identity The Flash in all zones.

[Activate] >>> If you control one or more other attackers, Bart Allen becomes a team attacker.

Bart has the identity The Flash in addition to the identity Kid Flash. Bart becomes a team attacker regardless of whether he can legally attack the defender, or team attack with other attackers. If Bart becomes a team attacker, the attack becomes a team attack if it's not already, and other attackers become team attackers if they're not already.

Whenever Bart becomes a team attacker this way, any powers that trigger off of his attacking or team attacking do so. If another character becomes a team attacker this way, only powers that trigger off that character team attacking do so. Bart and all other attackers are now characters that have team attacked this turn.

Basil Karlo <> Clayface, Slimy Shapeshifter
Character, 5, Secret Society, 9/10

When Basil Karlo enters play, you may remove a character card in any KO'd pile from the game. If you do, Basil Karlo gains that card's name and loses all other names.

Uniqueness is checked before Basil’s power triggers, so uniqueness will be invoked only on characters that share his original name rather than the name he gains.

Bizarro, Dark Mirror
Character, 6, Secret Society, 14/14
Whenever you draw a card, discard two cards.

This triggers off each individual card draw, so you will discard a total of four cards after drawing two at the start of each turn.

Bizarro World
Location, 2
Bizarro World is considered to be in all sets.

Flip only if you control a Revenge Squad character.

Characters you control named Bizarro have all character names and identities. (See

Bizarro World isn’t reprinted in this set. However, its new first line means that it’s legal in any tournament where DC Legends is legal (and, in fact, any tournament restricted by set legality).

Characters you control named Bizarro (“affected Bizarros”) have every name and identity of every character ever printed. Cards named Bizarro not in play are not affected. Any card that refers to a character named [any name] or with identity [any identity] now also refers to affected Bizarros. Similarly, any conditions that check whether you control [any character] are satisfied. Any character card can be discarded to power-up an affected Bizarro, but a card named Bizarro can only be used to power-up a character also named Bizarro.

Uniqueness checks for characters with the same name, and cards have the same name only if they have the same number of names and they all match. However, uniqueness is checked before a character’s powers become active upon it entering play, so an incoming Bizarro will not invoke uniqueness on any affected Bizarros because they don’t have the same name. This effectively makes affected Bizarros “immune” to uniqueness.

Blinding Rage
Plot Twist, 3
Target attacker you control gets +4 / -4 this attack.

Blinding Rage was misprinted in DC Legends. It still costs 3.

Cassie Sandsmark <> Wonder Girl, Might of Atlas
Character, 4, Teen Titans, 8/5
You can't take stun endurance loss while Cassie Sandsmark is attacking.

You don’t lose 4 endurance if Cassie becomes stunned while attacking (including during the conclusion of that attack). Similarly, you don’t take stun endurance loss if any other characters you control become stunned while Cassie is attacking (including characters team attacking with her).

Charaxes, Moth Monster
Character, 2, Secret Society / Arkham Inmates, 3/2
Whenever you recruit a character with cost 5 or greater that shares an affiliation with Charaxes, if Charaxes is in your KO'd pile, you may put him into play if you don't control a Charaxes.

Compare the affiliations that the recruited character has while it's on the chain with those that Charaxes has in your KO'd pile. His power triggers only while he's in your KO'd pile.

Coup d’√Čtat
Plot Twist, 4
KO a character you control. If you control Gorilla Grodd, negate target recruit effect if its cost is less than or equal to the cost of the character you KO'd.

This targets a character or equipment recruit effect, not a character. You must choose an effect to target as you play it, and then choose a character to KO on resolution. Control of Gorilla Grodd is checked later, after that character is KO'd.

David Clinton <> Chronos, Timetwister
Character, 4, Injustice Gang, 7/7
Discard an Injustice Gang character card >>> Target opponent gains the initiative at the start of the combat phase this turn. Use only during the build phase.

The opponent that gains the initiative keeps it the rest of the turn, then passes it clockwise as normal. In a two-player game, this means that Chronos’ controller will start the next turn with the initiative after using his power. If both players control Chronos and use his power, the original initiative player’s triggered effect will resolve last, so the initiative will pass to the opponent he or she targeted.

Elasti-Girl, Rita Farr
Character, 1, Doom Patrol, 1/1
Elasti-Girl enters play with two + 1/ +1 counters.

Whenever Elasti-Girl becomes stunned, remove all +1 / +1 counters from her.

If you have a way to remove counters from Elasti-Girl, you may do so in response to her triggered effect.

Emerald Rebirth
Plot Twist, 2
To play, exhaust a Hal Jordan you control with cost X.

Exhaust target character with cost less than X, and it can't ready this turn.

You can target an already exhausted character. If you do, it can’t ready this turn.

Plot Twist, 4
Power-up target Hal Jordan you control twice.

If the target is neither attacking nor defending, nothing happens. Otherwise, two power-up modifiers are applied to him, for a total of +2 / +2 this attack. Effects that trigger off him becoming powered-up will trigger twice.

Going Ape
Plot Twist, 4
To play, KO a character you control.

If you control Gorilla Grodd, target character gets -4 ATK this turn.

You choose the character to KO as a cost. Control of Gorilla Grodd is checked later, on resolution.

Graduation Day
Plot Twist, 3
To play, exhaust a [Teen Titans Icon] character you control.

Target opponent loses 2 endurance for each [Teen Titans Icon] character you control that was recruited this turn.

This checks the affiliations of characters you control as it resolves. It doesn't count characters that were Teen Titans as you recruited them this turn but have since lost that affiliation.

Hal Jordan, Fearless
Character, 7, JLA / Green Lantern, 16/15
Whenever Hal Jordan stuns a character, exhaust all characters in the same row as that character.

When Hal stuns a character in a player's support row, exhaust all characters in that player's support row (not all support row characters in play).

Headstrong Charge
Plot Twist, 3
To play, remove X +1 / +1 counters from a Beast Boy you control.

Target [Teen Titans Icon] attacker you control gets +X / +X this attack.

Counters can be removed from a stunned Beast Boy.

Hero’s Best Friend
Plot Twist, 2
If target defender you control is behind a character, it gets +2 / +2 this attack.

A support row character is "behind" the front row character in the same column, even if that front row character is stunned.

Injustice for All
Plot Twist, 3
Play only if you control an Injustice Gang character.

Ongoing: Whenever an Injustice Gang character attacks a player directly, put a chaos counter on Injustice for All.

Plot twists cost all players 1 more to play for each chaos counter on Injustice for All.

If there are multiple copies of Injustice for All in play, then a chaos counter is put on each one whenever an Injustice Gang character attacks directly, and plot twists cost all players X more to play, where X is the total number of chaos counters on all copies of Injustice for All.

King Shark, Jaws of Death
Character, 3, Secret Society, 6/6

You can recruit King Shark from your KO'd pile and only from there.

This doesn't break any other recruit rules—for example, you can recruit only during your recruit step, only if you can pay the required resource points, and so on.

Master Plan
Plot Twist, 2
Ongoing: Discard a Secret Society character card >>> You can recruit target character card from a KO'd pile this turn. Use only once per turn.

You target before paying costs, so you can't target the card you discard. You can recruit the target card only if it stays in that KO'd pile until you recruit it. You can recruit the target card even from an opponent’s KO’d pile, but this doesn't break any other recruit rules—for example, you can recruit only during your recruit step, only if you can pay the required resource points, and so on.

Mirror Image
Plot Twist, 3
Play only during your recruit step.

Choose an opposing character. Search its controller's deck for a copy of that character and remove that copy from the game. You may recruit it this step.

A copy of a card has the same name and version. You can recruit that copy only if it stays removed from the game until you recruit it. This doesn't break any other recruit rules—for example, you can recruit only if you can pay the required resource points, and so on.

Ra's al Ghul, Demon's Head Rising
Character, 5, League of Assassins, 10/8
Characters lose and can't gain affiliations while in combat with Ra's al Ghul.

A character defending against Ra’s al Ghul loses its affiliation immediately; there’s no opportunity for adjacent characters to reinforce beforehand. Characters team attacking with Ra’s al Ghul are not “in combat” with him.

Raven, Demon Spawn
Character, 5, Teen Titans, 8/10
Whenever Raven enters combat with an opposing character, its controller moves it to his hidden area.

Moving the opposing character won't change attack legality. Its controller chooses where to move it. It may be moved to a different row.

Ray Palmer <> The Atom, Tiny Titan
Character, 1, Teen Titans / JLA, 2/1
Discard Ray Palmer >>> Characters you control can team attack hidden characters this turn.

Ray's power doesn't let your characters break any other combat rules this turn (such as attacking from a support row without range). They can still directly attack a player with no non-stunned visible characters (even if that player controls a non-stunned hidden character).

Research and Development
Plot Twist, 3
Ongoing: Whenever a character enters play under an opponent’s control, if it has cost less than or equal to a Lex Luthor you control, put a +1 / +1 counter on that Lex Luthor.

If you control multiple applicable Lex Luthors, you choose which one gets the counter as this power triggers.

The Riddler, Riddle Me This
Character, 1, Secret Society / Arkham Inmates, 1/2
[Activate] >>> Put the top card of target player's deck into his KO'd pile. Your opponents can't play plot twists with the same cost as that card this turn.

Opponents can respond as usual before the top card is revealed on resolution. Once that happens, it's too late for them to respond with plot twists of that cost. Plot twist cards already on the chain aren't negated or otherwise impacted.

Strange Days
Plot Twist, 4
To play, remove X +1 / +1 counters from Doom Patrol characters you control.

Your opponents pay X more to play plot twists this turn.

Opponents can respond as usual before this resolves. Plot twist cards already on the chain aren't negated or otherwise impacted. Counters can be removed from stunned Doom Patrol characters.

Terminal Velocity
Plot Twist, 3
Target character with identity The Flash can attack directly on his next attack this turn.

The target can attack directly regardless of what characters the defending player controls.

Vandal Savage, Cro-Magnon Man
Character, 8, Injustice Gang, 18/18

At the start of the recovery phase, you may remove Vandal Savage from the game. If you do, your endurance becomes 1.

This raises (or lowers) your endurance to 1. Your endurance becomes 1 before the wrap-up checks for 0 endurance.

Wally West <> The Flash, Keystone Cop
Character, 5, JLA / Speed Force, 10/8
Free >>> Wally West can attack hidden and protected characters this turn.

Wally can attack hidden characters whether or not they are protected, and protected characters whether or not they are hidden. His power doesn't let him break any other combat rules (such as attacking from a support row without range). He can still directly attack a player who controls no non-stunned visible characters (even if that player controls a non-stunned hidden character).

Wonder Woman, Ambassador of Peace
Character, 4, JLA, 8/7
Discard a card >>> Change the target of an opposing effect with exactly one target. (The new target must be legal.)

“Effects with exactly one target” include equipment recruit effects. However, the new target must be legal, so you can’t target a character you control with opposing equipment.

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