March 31, 2009

Apparently I suck at drafting

In my defense however, I have only done it once (the details of this post being that once). While in Vancouver over the weekend I stopped in at Pow! Comix and was able to join some local players for a draft tournament using World's Finest.

I can't recall all of the details for each pack we opened, but for some reason I decided that Outsiders would be my main team at the start. I was easily able to get my character curve and two copies of Markovia, but it didn't dawn on me until mid-way through the second pack that I hadn't seen any attack pumps that I could use. From there on out I tried to keep an eye open for one, but I think by then it was too late.

We played three rounds. My first game was the best, as I had a strong early game...but lack of good ATK/DEF pumps really slowed me down and I just wasn't able to survive. My defeat in the first round spelled a bye in the second. I watched both matches and was impressed with the decks the other players had created. Draft definitely seems to be an art form all of its own.

The third match had me up against a really strong Team Superman deck. I drew poorly, only seeing two plot twists by the sixth round. Even had I pulled more I doubt that I'd have been able to compete against that deck.

Thanks to all the players for making me feel welcome and hooking me up with a few trades I was looking for. It was greatly appreciated.

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Icemanufs said...

When do you want to try drafting this weekend. I know my UFS players drafted on Sunday and they had a blast. The winner had first picks of the rares.