July 20, 2012

A Little Bit of a Bunch of Stuff

A bit of a mish-mash today.

I finally finished up all of the markers I've had on my paint station from last month.  Here are the three that are themed for Strange Aeons / Empire of the Dead.

RIP grave marker from the Horrorclix starter set.

Large grave marker, also from the Horrorclix starter set.

A sarcophagus, also from Horrorclix.  This one was actually part of a zombie figure but the mummy walking out of it was awful and looked like it might have been drinking when it died, so I popped it off and here we go...grave marker.

Note, I really need to start waiting until daytime to take my pictures.  I apologize for how awful all of these look.

These next bits aren't for Strange Aeons but they were getting worked on at the same time. The first Warhammer 40k stuff I actually bought was the 4th edition starter box and I've painted some of the  crashed lander pieces from that set.  I'll post those up later.  There were some non-character models in there that will make good objective markers.

The shield/ force field generator things.

Some fancy looking buoy or engine.

A custom base that I couldn't get a miniature to stand on, so now it's also an objective marker.

And switching gears one more time...I used to play Heroclix, a lot.  It was my first real foray into miniature gaming of any kind.  As time went on I became more and more unhappy with the way the game was going, and when the 'special' powers came out I could only hold on a little while before I had to give up.  I wasn't having fun playing against people who just wanted to win prizes in tournaments.  I wanted to play thematic comic-book battles, not mutants vs. scientists or some other lame 'theme' that you could make with the new keywords.  So my fairly massive Heroclix collection has sat collecting dust.

From time to time I would buy a Fast Forces pack or pick up the odd figure, but I had no desire to play.  But I do love my comic-book heroes and villains.  I've been running a weekly VS System group for years, which anyone who has been to this blog likely knows, but I needed something more.  So I went out and found SuperSystem 3rd Edition.  I showed the rules to some of my friends.  They're interested and want to play...and thus I need figures.

I thought I'd start off with some of my personal favorites: Alpha Flight.  Here's my first effort at repainting and re-basing a Heroclix figure.  For the most part they're well sculpted but sport atrocious paint jobs.  Mine isn't much better and the colours didn't quite turn out how I'd hoped, but I'm happy enough with it to not feel embarrassed to put it on the table.  I've got some stats prepped for him and he's got a few teammates almost ready to join him.  I'll likely put together the entire original line-up over the next little while.

In retrospect I do sort of wish that I'd used the Wendigo figure for him instead, but I think I'll save that as an alternate form for Snowbird...

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Brummie said...

Some neat ideas, I shall have to be more inventive :D