July 11, 2012

More Models for Strange Aeons

Here are a few more pieces that I'll be adding to my growing ranks of figures for Strange Aeons.
One of my favorite figures from the Horrorclix range is Bishop Luzifer.  I've just purchased and finished reading the Shocking Tales books.  There's a profile for an Exorcist special agent in one of them and I think he'll fit the bill nicely.  I don't even think I'll change the name for the model in the game, and I've got an idea for an interesting back story for him.  The bishop himself was easy to paint.  A dark brown wash on the skin followed by a light brown dry brushing.  I added a little bit silver and brown detailing before a grey dry brush pass.  He doesn't look quite as good as I'd hoped, but it certainly passable for a table game.  I had a hell of a difficult time painting the woman on the base and eventually just said "good enough".  I should have followed my initial plan and cut her off so that it was just Luzifer wrestling the ghost, but it's too late for that now.

I also finished touching up the paint on the two HorrorClix wolves that I re-based a few weeks ago.  Not a lot of paint work was done here.  I washed them with Badab Black, gave them a white dry brush to give their fur a little interest, and then put on another coat of black wash along their spine and tails.  A quick red wash over the tongues and a touch of red on the eyes and all done.  These will likely be used as extra familiars for my witch and her razorback monkey.  With the animal rules in Shocking Tales #2 I suppose I could use them as Threshold Agent companions, but I don't really think they'd work for that.  On the other hand, they could easily be added to the Lycaon faction that I'm working on for Empire of the Dead...
And lastly I've got a chained coffin from Uncle Mike's Worldwide.  I have another of these that came with the Crypt of Cthulhu, but I bought them at different times, so I haven't even primed that one yet.  I should have painted them both together to save time.

This might sound funny, but the chained coffin is my favorite Uncle Mike's sculpt so far.  The detail is awesome and I really enjoyed painting this one.  I'd love to see a few variations of this with different chains or smoother details and stuff.  I'm looking forward to painting up the other one.

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Brummie said...

Some nice pieces the Bishop figure looks great with the lady still attached.

The coffin is interesting. What lies within is the question?