July 06, 2012

Hey...Wanna Join a Cult?

Since I started playing Strange Aeons I've had a chance to meet some new players, play some fun games, build and paint some great miniatures, meet the game's creators and even beta test some new rules with them.  I've had a lot of fun with Strange Aeons in the past two months, and I don't expect that to abate any time too soon.

Unless you count washing all those blood and entrails-stained robes of the more senior cultists (they are an untidy bunch).

That's right, I've joined a cult.  Wouldn't my folks be proud!

In actuality "The Cult of the Black Goat" isn't a cult at all, so don't go freaking out and think I've turned to the dark side.  Truth be told that bridge was crossed long ago and none of my so-called friends seemed interested in stopping my descent, so here we are.  Want some red kool-aid, there's plenty to go around...

Black Goat membership simply involves signing up with Uncle Mike's Worldwide.  You give them a little cash and in return they provide you a membership card, spiffy black t-shirt and two captured agent models (and I believe one new member-exclusive model each following year).  There's also a quarterly newsletter that you'll be sent via email which contains experimental rules and information about upcoming stuff for the game.

For more info about "The Cult of the Black Goat" take a look on the Strange Aeons website here.

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Brummie said...

Ha Ha sounds cool. A good idea wish more companies did this sort of thing. I quite fancy a bola hat