July 23, 2012

A surprising amount of progress.

Even with the super weather we had over the weekend, I was still able to spend some time nerding it up.  Looking back I actually think it was a fairly productive couple of days.  And of course, I spent more money on stuff.

Saturday morning I took the motorcycle out for a ride around town and stopped at Sentry Box.  I'd been eyeing some models for the past few weeks and finally decided to take the plunge with two starter sets and the rule book.  I even got a discount on the rule book (which is unusual for Sentry Box) because it wasn't properly bound.  All that meant was that some of the glue had given way on the main cover of the book, which I remedied in about 3 minutes with some super glue.

What game did I buy into this time?  Well, you've likely not heard of it, as I certainly hadn't: it's called Hell Dorado. The little I've read of the fluff at the beginning of book is a really ingenious idea that makes for a great game setting.  What would happen if hell was a real, physical place and a gateway to it was found in the 1600s?  The Europeans would try to colonize it of course! Fantastic f-ing concept for a game.
The models are all really great looking and I'm very much looking forward to putting my two starter sets together.  I was actually quite surprised when I opened them to find that there are quick-start rules inside.  I do wish that was detailed on the boxes somewhere, as I may not have bought the rule book.  However I'm not upset that I did, because it's full of some excellent artwork, lots of photos of the miniatures for the game and tons of fluff.  I picked up the two starter boxes based on two criteria: 1) which ones had the coolest looking models and 2) what models were themed along lines I didn't have models for yet?  So I opted for the Immortals, and the Lost.

I also ended up buying a box of terrain pieces (made by Pegasus Hobby). The gothic building set should prove extremely versatile in my gaming world.  It can be used for London or city-streets in Strange Aeons and Empire of the Dead, and still be in-theme for games of Warhammer 40k. I suppose it wouldn't be a stretch to use as a single building in games of Pulp City, Supersystem or Hell Dorado either...  And it really shouldn't be tough to paint at all
I've looked at a lot of their stuff before, and thought this was the first thing that I'd purchased from them but I was actually wrong.  I've had one of their modular platform sets for quite a while...but never done anything with it.
I'll be putting that together and painting it shortly now that I've remembered I have it.  It's actually a pretty cool little modular kit, but I think I'll probably build something similar to what's pictured on the box and just leave it as-is.  It's enough of a pain to put things together with it that I'd rather just build it once and call it done.

After making a brief stop at home to drop off my new toys, I picked up some of my other stuff and some tools and headed over to Trilogy.  I was waiting for the gf to finish work, so I sat and chatted w/ some of the customers and put together two of the starter boxes for Empire of the Dead.  I was able to clean up and base both the Vampires and Werewolves sets and now they're sitting on my priming board.  A lot of people asked what they were because the models are really quite eye-catching.  No pictures of these, because unpainted, based models really aren't that exciting.

Finally I broke out some of the older stuff I have floating around in my terrain box and painted up one of the Warhammer Castle towers.  They've been primed for a few months now, but I haven't done anything with them.  I need to buy some walls and a castle front, but should easily be able to finish painting the towers tonight or sometime this week.  When they're all finished I'll happily post up a shot of them all.


Brummie said...

sounds great, look forward to this I quite like a lot of there minis

Obsidian3D said...

You mean the Hell Dorado stuff? It's a pretty different flavour that a lot of stuff I've seen recently so I'm hoping they'll turn out well. Before I get to those though, I've got some Strange Aeons, Empire of the Dead, Superfigs and 40k to finish up first! Lots to do.