November 02, 2012

Field Report: SA-121031-tDD

Nov 2,  1922

From: Carl Selinger, Commanding Field Agent
To: Director Silver, Calgary Field Office

RE: Case File SA-121031-tDD


All Hallows' Eve conjures up image of ghouls and demons, or dark supernatural forces for most folk. While they are right to be afraid of those things, I'm happy to say that the world is safe little while longer.

Threshold intelligence reports proved correct. As we had suspected a leak from our recent difficulty in keeping our ciphers secure, the false report that we tendered paid off and my team was able to follow the trail. The artifacts that were stolen during our operation on case file SA-120816-RtA were indeed being used to power a nefarious doomsday device.

Our adversaries were obviously hoping to go unnoticed, but vague reports of heavy vehicles and strange sounds from the locals helped us pinpoint a forested area west of Calgary near the hamlet of Cremona, Alta. As twilight began to take hold my team found this device and took action to ensure its destruction.

I sent Mr. Daniels ahead to see to its deactivation while Mr. MacIntyre and I provide cover on his right flank. Mr. McDermott and the Professor went around to the left side. The device was guarded primarily of lower cult members, and proved little challenge when we engaged them.

Armitage proved a handy shot, dispatching one minion with his .45. It also appears the fellow is not so old as he might appear, as he quickly moved in to dispatch another cultist by slitting his throat up close. As I had suspected, he's made of stern stuff and I'm glad to have him. Mr. McDermott fell behind when clipped by errant gunfire, but I'm happy to report that he remains unharmed.

We caught a glimpse of the cult leader hiding behind their supply shed, but he was beyond the range of our weaponry. Mr. Daniels was occupied in disarming the device, which had already been activated and was counting down rapidly. However it seems the cultists were not alone. I spied a fellow wearing a white skull mask dressed in dark clothes sneaking up on Agent Daniels, which spurred me into action! I'm uncertain how I managed it with my injuries, but perhaps the lucky idol I've been carrying helped my heroics. Running out from behind my vantage point I gained a clear shot and unloaded both barrels into the skull-mask and he crashed to the forest floor without a sound.

With the loss of the cultist's leader it was a simple matter of clearing the area and deactivating the device. However, Daniels tells me that we hadn't much time to spare as the countdown was into its final minute. We averted disaster on a grand scale, but only narrowly!

We've notified the research division of the location so that they might start analyzing the device and see if there's anything we can use to our advantage.

I'm uncertain how but it seems that the skull-masked man survived and has escaped. I also believe that he may be the source of our leaked information, as the bootprints we found match those of standard Threshold issue. Director, we have a traitor in our midst; we simply must find out who it is, and soon! Be wary.


Carl Selinger


Brummie said...

Great AAR/story. Love that terrain piece

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks I'm glad you liked it. I got lucky in that my opponent set up the board in such a way that I could flank his figures and have cover while trying to shut down the machine. I had to use Loamy's lucky hat AND one of my two lucky idols very early on...which helped set me up nicely. Placing his rogue agent poorly on his second turn made it possible for me to use Carl's heroic skill to run out and get a lucky kill. Even with all that luck though I was still down two the last round before the device went off.

Good fun. :)