November 13, 2012

Serpent Worshippers for Strange Aeons and Kulten

Last week Uncle Mike and James made their regular monthly visit to Trilogy, despite the awful weather we were having. I was the only player to show up (which is not unusual), so we ran through a few play test games of Kulten. I was playing with an unpainted army, and these are play test games, so there are no photos...sorry folks.

The first game was a "chance encounter" between my Nazi Death Cult and James' Cobra troopers. I rolled five of my cultists onto the table and James got a measly three. A few bad moves by me allowed James to take out three of my figures, dropping me to below 50% of my starting members and won him the game. In the post-game phase I was able to roll up skills on both of my surviving cultists, which worked out really well for me, and I didn't end up with any lasting or terrible injuries to worry about.

Just a note however, that James' Cobra army/cult is really cool looking. He's done a great job converting all kinds of stuff, and the most recent additions were Destro and the Crimson twins. Great looking stuff. In retrospect I should have at least taken a few good photos of that stuff...

The second game was against Uncle Mike's dudes and we rolled up a fight scenario. My mad scientist created a Blasphemous Construct on my very first roll of the game, which actually isn't as great sounding as one would think. Due to the way the board was laid out, I couldn't really move him into combat without risking him causing fear among my own ranks. Mike misplayed moving one of his two command models into the fight though, and I was able to tie it up with my remaining normal zombie long enough to allow my Dr. Kroene to charge in and take it down. Once that had happened we played a few more rounds before Mike capitulated. He didn't have anything that would be able to take down the construct, and I would be spending move after move trying to chase his guys down.

It's always fun playing against those guys, so thanks again for coming out, and of you folks reading this, don't forget to go pick up the latest expansion for Strange Aeons that came out last month!

After playing a few games of Kulten I got it in my head that I needed another cult list to play with. I'm getting a little tired of playing games with my red and gold garbed guys, even though I think they look great. I thought about finishing off my Nazi Death Cult, but for some reason decided to plough through something entirely different: Serpent Worshippers!

I took a pack of Pulp Figures cultists & altar (sculpted by the amazing and friendly Bob Murch), and a pack of Uncle Mike's serpent men, using them to put together a nice 37 point cult list. I can also run them as a 15 point cult for Strange Aeons if I only use the snake priest. Even though the pictures (as per usual) are not that good, I think the figures turned out great. Here's what I ended up with.

Pointy Sam

Stabby Sam

Hallelujah Sam

Bookish Sam

The Altar of Evil Prayers

Happy Snakeman

Smiley Snakeman

Snakeman Demagogue

(Snake)Men at Work

There are a bunch more photos available on Photobucket here:

Please drop me a comment and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear from you.


Brummie said...

These look great, I love the Demagogue and I like the choice of cloak colours.

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks much! I actually thought that the yellow robes looked better before I put the sepia wash on them, but it did help to add some needed depth. Yellow is a tough color to paint. I think the two normal serpent man models are a little too happy/cute looking, but the demagogue is a cool model.

I found a few more things last night that I can add...they'll go into the queue but I doubt I'll get them done before the New Year.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Love them - the yellow is very effective indeed.
Like the fact that they all have secret Cult Names - do they all answer to "Sam I am"? :D

Obsidian3D said...

I'm not really sure yet. We'll have to see how they fare in battle.

Thanks for stopping by!