November 05, 2012

Pulp City Starter Boxes Complete

Now I do have to admit that I've strayed a little bit (fine...a LOT) since I put out my "What Should I Paint Next?" survey a few months ago, but I haven't forgotten about the Pulp City starter boxes that were chosen by my readers. Yep, that's right...thanks to all three of you out there that voted!

When I received all my Pulp City figures (and rule book) I was really excited. It was a huge box of toys and the price had been a really, really good deal from a fellow over on Lead Adventure Forums. Unfortunately after going through all the figures I found an even dozen of the models that were supposed to be included were not. The cards for the figures were evidence of that. I was told several times that they had been shipped but as of my last inquiry, over a month ago now, I haven't received anything, nor a response to my email. It's a real shame because Nate seemed like a nice guy. However at this point I feel like something not-quite-right went on and that I'll never receive the rest of the figures I paid for. 

As a result I suggest extreme caution when dealing with Nate (his user name is Napar on LAF). The dozen figures I didn't receive will cost me over $100 to replace, which truly stinks. It makes the deal go from a great one to only a good one, but accompanied with a very large dose of disappointment, and of course a lot of wariness should I be looking to trade online in the future. More than likely I won't be now, simply because of the risk involved.

One of those missing figures is Solar from the heroes starter box. I have plans to order one directly from the Pulp City guys but haven't done so yet. In the meantime however, I was able to finish work on all of the other great sculpts from both the Heroes Starter Box and the Villains Starter Box. Check them out!

Ace of Wraiths

Red Riding Hoodoo & Loup Garou




Overall I'm really happy with how they turned out, although the 'burnt / dead grass' thing I was trying for on Nuke's base didn't turn out. I could probably get it to look right with a quick dry brush of brown now though. I know the pictures aren't that great. I'll have to start using my camera instead of my phone to do this...Oh, and I also took a few pictures of the teams for those of you who are interested! Also there a lot more pictures on my photobucket account here.

Heroes Starter (minus Solar as mentioned above)

Villains Starter


Brummie said...

Looking good. Love that Guerilla miniature.

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks. He's a cool figure, in fact I think they all are. The Pulp City stuff is very nicely done. My favorite of the bunch is actually Loup Garou. I think that paint job turned out exactly as I'd intended and I'm extremely happy with it.