November 22, 2012

Hey, You There...

Spent some time this week out and about...gittin' me sum culture! Well, CULTURE depends on your opinion on the matter I suppose.

Sunday night Wes and I headed down to the Palomino Smokehouse to catch Jim Byrnes play some old-time blues and country tunes. I've had the good fortune of seeing Jim play a few times before (which I believe I wrote about on this very blog). The crowd was pretty thin, which was disappointing to me, but didn't seem to phase Jim at all. His regular partner Steve Dawson wasn't able to join him, but the fellow he brought along to help out was no slouch either!

In between sets I made sure to go pick up a copy of Jim's new CD, I Hear The Wind in the Wires, chat with him for a few minutes and get a signature. The show was really entertaining and both Wes and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You can easily see just how much Jim loves what he does when he's on stage, because he's smiling the whole time. I haven't had a chance to sit down with the album and give it a thorough listen, so a review will have to wait.

After the show we went up to chat with him again for a few minutes. He was incredibly gracious and I was able to get a photo with him this time. We really need more people like this guy out there, not just in the music biz, but just in general!

On Tuesday night the gf and I headed out to the the-ay-tah. (Yes you have to say theatre just like that, with the lock-jaw accent, or it just isn't snooty sounding enough...) Anyway, I've had season tickets to Vertigo Mystery Theatre for several years now. They perform five different plays each season, and It Could Any One Of Us was the second show of this season.

I've seen some really excellent plays over the years there such as The Woman in Black and Sweeny Todd, but I will admit to being rather disappointed by their opening show this year (Double Indemnity). However, I was very pleased with It Could Any One Of Us by Alan Ayckbourn. It had some laughs, a good twist and great acting as always. I would actually love to go see this one again, as the ending can change and the killer might be different next time!

If you're looking for an entertaining night out give Vertigo a try. It's cheaper than dinner and a movie, and you'll probably have a lot more fun!

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