January 19, 2013

FIrst Finished Items of 2013

With all the new stuff arriving over the past few weeks, one might think I haven't painted anything. One might be almost correct. I've been painting, I just hadn't finished anything until today. So here's what I've got to share!

First up, three more members of Alpha Flight have been added to the roster.

Diamond Lil



As with all the other figures I've done so far, these are all simple Heroclix conversions. For the most part it's simply paint touch-ups, a quick re-basing and some washes and/or highlights. I'm nearly done with my Alpha Flight squad; and am only planning on adding four more: Vindicator (Heather), Box, Northstar and Talisman. The last two will require some converting or searching for the appropriate models.

I also completed a few more markers and terrain bits for horror gaming, most likely Strange Aeons with this batch.

With all the cultists running around in my collection I thought that they needed some larger objects to focus their worship around. I grabbed a few of the large Cthulhu tokens from the Call of Cthulhu LCG core set and slapped a little paint on them.

They turned out quite nicely and having two of them is good. Drop one on either side of a temple entrance, or use a single one as an altar or something like that...versatility is key! Besides, it was no more work to make one as opposed to a pair.

I also added some long needed static grass to my previously completed stone obelisk. Nothing new or exciting, but I think it gives the piece a more finished feel. I still need to figure out how to properly represent glowing stuff with my painting. I'll have to do some research on that one.

The final piece of scenery is actually a two-parter: the stone crypt and chained coffin from Uncle Mike's Worldwide line of stuff for Strange Aeons. As I've mentioned previously the chained coffin is one of my favorites pieces from them. Having a second one to add to my collection makes me happy. I painted it almost identically to the first, but experimented a bit more with doing green stone on the crypt. I used some of the same colours as the Cthulhu statues but different washes and highlights to give is a more earthy feel. I'm happy with it.

And of course I can't resist combining Alpha Flight and Cthulhu-related minis together in my posts, I simply had to take a picture to commemorate the occasion! (I wish I had a little piece of grass mat to have dropped this on, but you'll get the idea.)


Simon Q said...

Nice work on Alpha flight the touch ups bring them to life so much more.

The strange aeons terrain is ace as well very nice.

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks as always. I'm looking forward to playing some more Strange Aeons. It seems like it's been months, because it has!