January 11, 2013

Some Good Follow-Up News

Since I made my last post I've had a few snippets of exciting news pop up. I'll start with the most recent and go backwards...

Not to long ago the Studio McVey folks posted another update on Sedition Wars. Sounds like things are finally starting to ship, which is pretty spiffy information. I'm sure it'll be a while yet before anything lands in my mailbox, but at least I know that things are starting to happen.

Yesterday, the surveys finally went out for the Blackwater Gulch campaign too. I had long since planned out what I wanted for my pledge dollars, so it didn't take me very long to fill it out. Or so I had thought would be the case. There was a brief moment of indecision when I tried to decide if I wanted more custom bases, or a copy of the rulebook...I opted for extra bases; two sets of rocky bluffs, one set of desert mesa. The rule book is available for free from Gangfight Games and is really nice; I hope they continue to keep it freely available to download. In the end I figured more product was better than a nicer version of something I already had though.

I also had to waffle a bit on which sets I wanted to pick up. The mexican bandidos and indian sets were givens, as were the widow-makers. I mean...who doesn't love a sexy cowgirl, let alone a whole group of them?! I also wanted the ranger set, because there needs to be some sense of order out there, crooked or not! Originally I had planned on getting the Secret Fist Clan box; they are really nice looking figures and I liked the idea of an Asian gang in the old west, but I ended up deciding on the Tranquility crew instead. Coupled with the add-on Not-Firefly figures from the Sedition Wars campaign I'll have a nice complete batch of figures for some Serenity role-playing or maybe some sci-fi gaming with the Flying Lead or Mutants and Death Ray Guns rules from Ganesha Games. The dockside drifter set was pretty tempting too, but in the end I had to chose five, and I wanted some other stuff available too.

Even though I do have some western paper-craft stuff (mainly the Deadfall stuff from WorldWorks Games) I also decided to get both of the scenery packs available from the campaign as well. I should be able to make some great looking places to stage my old west shootouts in the near future!

Finally, there was a parcel card waiting for me when I arrived home last night. My stuff from HobbyZone is awaiting pickup! I won't be able to make it to the post office until Saturday, but I've already cleared off my painting table in preparation for the new stuff. I'll be finishing up a few pieces of scenery and objective markers before I get that all set up, and will be sure to share pics of those, and my new workspace, with all of you come Monday.

Sadly no news yet on my Judge Dredd Miniature Game stuff. Soon I hope. I guess I'll just have to go pick up a copy of Dredd 3D to tide me over in the meantime.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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