January 14, 2013

Lawbreakers Beware!

It was a Dredd-ful weekend.

Ooh, bad pun. Sorry about that folks, but I just couldn't resist.

On my way home from a nice brunch on Saturday morning I stopped to pick up a copy of Dredd on 3D Blu-Ray. I quite enjoyed it in the theatre and was very much looking forward to a second viewing in comfort of my own home.

I also had to stop in to pick up some mail at the post office and was pleasantly surprised to find a second parcel waiting (in addition to my stuff from HobbyZone, which I'll talk more about in my next post). The box was small, but very weighty, so I headed home eager to crack it open and dive into the goodies sure to be inside.

Not certain what to expect, I split the tape and opened it up...to find bag upon bag of metal Mega-City One goodness! There was a lot of stuff jammed into that box, and it took me the better part of an hour to go through each, identify the contents and verify that they had all the bits they should. That might seem lengthy, but in the process I was marking off what was included in the Council of Judges pledge level from the Kickstarter campaign and making notes if anything was missing.

Here are the gangs packs that were inside the box:

1x Angel Gang
1x Ape Gang
1x Caligula's Retinue
1x Citi-Def (very nice figures, and early. I hadn't expected these in the first shipment.)
1x Cursed Earth Desperados
1x Fatty Stampede (which shouldn't have been included. I had swapped them for a 2nd Zombie Horde)
1x Justice Department
1x Renegade Robots
1x Sky Surfers
1x Street Gang
2x Zombie Horde (also earlier than expected...so I guess the Fatties were an unforeseen bonus)

Of the box sets that are already in production I was only missing one, that being the Holocaust Judges. I'm not sure if my memory serves correctly, but I seem to recall an update going out at one point saying that Mongoose Publishing was behind with their casting of these. Hopefully they just didn't have enough to go around this time.

For the single figures, smaller items and stretch rewards from my pledge I received:

1x Judge Anderson
1x Judge DeMarco
1x Lawmaster Bike (there should have been another, as I'd requested to swap my Pat Wagon for two bikes)
1x Walter the Robot

That's not so bad, only two things missing. Actually it ended up being three, as there should also have been a lone Kickstarter Judge Dredd figure in there as well. I've already notified Matthew over at Mongoose and am sure that they'll come in my next shipment. The communication and responsiveness from Mongoose has been really good and I think they've handled issues quickly and politely. I don't honestly think that Mongoose was prepared for the amount orders they received during their campaign and were quite likely overwhelmed by the demand.

All in all the models look pretty damned good. In most cases the figures are single-part casts (which I truly appreciate as a lazy modeller). A few do look to have a fair bit of flash to be trimmed off, but none of the casts look fault or incomplete. I've already watched the new Dredd movie once, and it's only fired me up even more to get started on some of these figures!

The list of stuff to come is still pretty lengthy, but I'll not inundate you with that. Instead I'll leave you with my first effort, and probably the most modelling work I'll have to do for a Judge Dredd figure: Harold the Undead Citi-Def trooper.


Simon Q said...

Lots of shiny new Dreddtastic toys then!

Obsidian3D said...

It is indeed. Matt from Mongoose got back to me this morning. As I'd suspected, the items that were missing from my package were simply short-stocked, and I should be receiving them in my next one.