January 30, 2013

Wow, I Forgot to Mention...

A few weeks ago I placed an order with an online game shop based in Eastern Canada: Meeplemart. They have a much wider selection than a lot of other Canadian stores when it comes to miniatures games and accessories. Their prices are nothing special, but are comparable to other online retailers, and I prefer buying from Canadian folks when at all possible. They do add shipping to their fees, so they're not as highly ranked by me as a shop like Starlit Citadel. However, opinions aside, here's what showed up at my door from Steve at Meeplemart!

This box contained starter sets for games I've been interested in for a while, and may or may not have actually played. First up is Dark Age: Apocalypse. I've played this game once, and it was a lot of fun. D20-based rolling-low-is-better might seem like an odd way to go, but I enjoyed it very much. So I wanted to pick up the core rule book and a few starters of my own. I wasn't able to get the Skarrd starter as it was out of stock, so I opted for The Forsaken and The Brood.

The rule book is beautifully illustrated and is really high quality. The models are all quite decent looking at first glance, but definitely beefier than most of the figures I currently have in my collection. I think all the models were single-part figures barring one. Quick and easy construction...my favorite! Multi-part models often make my head hurt, and cause me to swear.

The second couple pieces are two more starter boxes for Freebooter's Fate. As mentioned previously I supported their latest crowd-funding campaign on IndieGoGo, and received a rule book, cards and one starter box shortly before Christmas. It's not possible to play the game with only one crew however, so I opted to grab two more: the Goblin Pirates and regular Pirates.

These models are much like the Armada box set I already have. Multi-part models with square bases, but also custom base inserts. They'll likely cause me minor seizures when trying to put them together.... They're great looking figures though. A game without dice might actually even give me a better chance to win once in a while! I'm not sure at this point when I'll get around to building these figures. As one might have noticed, my backlog is pretty sizeable these days!

The final pair of items are the ones I'm most excited about: Bushido starter boxes for the Cult of Yurei and Temple of Ro-kan. I wanted to get the other three starter boxes too, just to have all the tasty models, but being realistic...this is probably a better place to start.

The starter boxes come with everything you need to truly get started: figures, bases, dice and a small rule book. However, a few months ago the game developers released a new, free update to the rules called Bushido: New Dawn, and updated cards for all the currently-available figures. I've only briefly skimmed them and they look like a nice update.

These figures are all multi-part, and will require some work to get together. More than likely these will be the first batch that I tackle, simply because I love the style and think that the historical / mythological mix of Japanese culture in the game is a great pairing.

I do apologize for the incorrectly-rotated images in this post. I edited them in Photobucket, and they show up correctly there. It doesn't seem that the orientation edits show up as intended when linking to the files. Annoying, but avoidable now that I know the Photobucket editor doesn't do what I expected.

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