April 22, 2013

I Haven't Forgotten About Board Games!

With all the painting and miniatures stuff I've been talking about it might seem that I'm not playing any board games. That's quite simply not true! While I have had some trouble getting people out to play with any regularity, there have been a few games played.

King of Tokyo

I bought this about a month ago after having looked at the box probably a half-dozen times previously. Since then it's been hauled out and played 9 times. NINE plays in less than a month is pretty impressive for any game in my collection. In fact I owned games for years that don't have anywhere near that amount of play time.

It's a quick, easy, and very fun dice game. My mom can play it, have fun, AND win! I'll be looking to add the Power Up! expansion to my collection soon.

Touch of Evil

Played a short two-player cooperative game of this a few weeks ago. The gf likes this game, so it must be good. I haven't picked up the second hero pack, or The Coast expansion yet. There's so much material in here already that I probably don't need more, but...naturally I want to get 'em all.


This one got dropped on the table unplanned yesterday. I had dragged it out of the closet to get another game out and we decided to play it instead. I have to re-learn the rules every time, but it's an awesome game with a stupid name. We still haven't tried a 4-player game...but I hope to soon.

William also brought a few of his games over and we tried them out as well:

- Space Fluxx: I've looked at a few 'fluxx' titles before but never played. I want to play more now.
- Munchkin Conan: Never been a big fan of the munchkin series. Despite my like of Conan, I'm still not. This game engine just leaves me with a big old feeling of 'meh.'
- Tentacle Bento: - Weird set collecting game. Anime artwork, lots of sexual innuendo, which will translate into a very limited audience. Not good with two players, but could be fun with three or more.

And finally, I picked up a game I've been waiting for a few months to try: City of Remnants. This one has a really cool sounding premise and the reviews have been all-round positive. We didn't have time to get into it though, which makes me sad. Into the pile of games-I-own-but-haven't-played-yet it goes.


Eddie Kataishi said...

Yeah, Munchkin is "meh." I have the Ninja Burger game from SJG that works on similar rules, but I find it entirely more entertaining. I think it fits the concept much better.
I'm considering grabbing Super Dungeon Explore. I've seen it played and it seems like a rather decent modern take on HeroQuest, so it's on my board game list.

Also... you own Zombies!!! right? Best board game ever. Quick, fun, undead.

And Unexploded Cow.... that is a great card game, used to spend hours playing it with Eric down at the shop on slow days.

Simon Q said...

Sounds good. I need to try some board games at some point

Obsidian3D said...

Zombies!!! Is an ok game but I think there are better games that do the same thing.

I have ninja burger somewhere but don't recall the last time it was played. I do remember playing unexploded cow at a party once though. You were there and it was your copy of the game.

Eddie Kataishi said...

That's entirely possible. Don't like Zombies!!! so much? That surprises me. Which ones do you prefer?

Does Dust Tactics count as a board game?

Obsidian3D said...

I just find Zombies!!! To degenerate into a game of stop-the-leader after a while. I much prefer my modified version of Zombie Plague. And it was free. I still haven't tried Zombicide yet, but I'll have a copy in September.