April 12, 2013

Strange Aeons Game Night: Menace of the Depths

Uncle Mike and James dropped by Trilogy again last night, on their regularly scheduled 2nd-Thursday-of-the-Month visit for Strange Aeons. As per usual they brought along some beautiful hand-crafted scenery, as well as lots of lavishly painted miniatures.

Of particular note was the new giant fishman model. I had seen this figure before a few weeks back but we hadn't tried using it in a game until tonight. Also, as a member of the Cult of the Black Goat, I was very happy to receive my free submerged monster model. Mike brought a cast of the full-sized beastie for me as well, which looks amazing. It's huge, very well sculpted and the cast is super-clean. I have a feeling it will be jumping into my painting queue pretty soon.

With the Calgary Expo coming up in a few weeks Mike and I played through their demo scenario twice. I have to say, the board and scenery looked top notch, as per usual. Oh and the game scenario was pretty damn fun too.

The basic gist is that the Lurkers are trying to chisel away an artifact on the island, and once successful they can toss it in the water to summon the giant fishman creature. The Threshold agents, are naturally trying to stop these nefarious people from raising the monster from the depths. If they can place three dynamite charges and successfully detonate them, the fishman and any cultists (and possibly some agents) will be blown to hell, and victory will be assured.

The first game we played saw Uncle Mike controlling the Threshold. The agents rowed their canoes / boats up the center channel and a great round of shots splattered the small fishman on the docks into gooey fish paste. The nearest cultist frenzied and ran up to the dock hoping for revenge.

The cult leader commanded his sniper and the enraged cultist to open fire while he moved up and started chiseling away the totem himself. As the agents approached, choppy waters (and poor dice rolls) caused their shots to go astray. The cultists however continued firing and were able to wound two agents and cause two more to dive for cover into the water.

During the shooting the cult leader finished removing the totem and tossed it in the water himself. The stirrings of the giant fish creature came too late though, as the rifle and tommy gun-toting villains had already dispatched the agents to watery graves.

For the second game we switched roles and I took control of the agents. Once again Uncle Mike rolled to go first. His cult leader took a more direct approach and ordered two cultists in immediately to almost totally uproot the totem in the first turn.

In response I split my forces, bringing up three agents in their boat on the north side of the island, while the two in the canoe pulled around the south more slowly. As the boat pulled within range of the island some well aimed tommy gun and shotgun fire splattered the cult leader's brains on the island peak. Terrified one of the cultist fainted, and flopped down the cliffs into the murky waters.

The surviving cultist at the peak was able to finish the job and drop the totem into the ocean. Time was now of the essence for the agents! The canoe pulled within firing range of the south dock, but were unable to gun down the cultists, one weapon jamming due to the salty sea air. The swimming fishman capsized and destroyed their canoe quickly making lunch of one of the floundering agents.

The leader knew the stakes however and pulled his boat up to the western dock. His crew vaulted over the moored canoe and spread out, quickly shooting down the remaining cultists from behind to begin planting their dynamite charges.

The waters to the northwest began to roil and an unspeakable horror popped its ugly maw above the surface. It rapidly made its way to the west dock, destroying the remaining canoe and boat and thus any means of escape for the agents. Luckily the charges were set and everyone on the island began making their way to the eastern dock.

Floating in the water while trying to unjam ones weapon is a sure-fire (ooh bad pun) way to get filleted by a fishman. Trapped by the horrors offshore the last agent on the island was suddenly face to face with a huge, hideous, oozing beast. He held his ground however, and distracted the massive monster while the other two survivors dove into the water and swam a safe distance.

Diving underneath the scaly horror, the agent snorted bitterly as he pressed the detonator down. "One order of fried fish, coming up!"

A huge fiery explosion rocketed into the night air, silhouetting the swimming survivors. Three comrades were lost, but the world was safe a little while longer.


EinarOlafson said...

Love that table!! Good AAR, have you got more pictures??

Obsidian3D said...

Unfortunately no, I only too the two photos. I was too busy having fun with the game! :)