April 30, 2013

Motley Crue, April 29th at the Calgary Saddledome

I've seen Motley Crue before. Several times. A lot of folks think it's cheezy or lame that I'd pay cash to go see these dudes. Washed up, too old, untalented...those labels and more have been levelled at Crue, by friends, the media and everyone on between. Fair enough, but in response I'd simply say "you just don't get it."

Motley shouldn't have survived past the early nineties, as a band or perhaps even as people. They were self-destructive in the extreme, just read "The Dirt" if you don't believe me. Whatever you might think of their music, or the members themselves however, they're far better at what they do, even now, than most people have ever given them credit for.

As a musician myself I think it's an important thing. People can listen to your music anytime, especially with digital ubiquity and all that. What you won't get from many bands is an experience you will remember.

This is the third time I've seen Motley Crue in concert and I'll tell you that it's been worth the money every time. I had tix for fourth row this time. Closest I've ever been. Sure, they're playing a lot of the same tunes and Vince uses that same lines, but what you're getting is a SHOW. The stage layout is different each time. The song order changes. Sometimes they have hot dancers, other times not. In the end though the SHOW is well rehearsed, and it's great. They wouldn't have been around for 30+ years if they weren't good at what they do.

If I were to level one complaint about this show it's that they took their bow and the house lights came up. No encore or even a suggestion of one. Every other time I've seen them we got at least three extra tunes after making a ton of noise. While a little disappointing, I still felt that I'd had a good experience. Unlike the Prince concert last year where he had no opening act, the show was short and generally boring, and he just quit after 80-something minutes.

People are paying to be there, so give them a show. And that's what we got last night from Motley Crue.

Here are some photos to prove it.


Eddie Kataishi said...


Best we've had in the 'Zawa was Journey... the Perry-less Journey.

Obsidian3D said...

I think Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya are probably the only places you'll get bigger bands. Keep an eye out for the Loud Park festival in October. Last time I was in Japan I missed it by a day! :(