April 17, 2013

My First Wargames Factory Multi-Part Plastics

Received these 12 days after placing my order directly from Wargames Factory in the US. They responded quickly, the same day in fact, with a shipping confirmation. Strangely enough, and through no fault of WGF at all, the package ended up traveling all the way from Utah to Los Angeles, before finally being shipped up here to Canada (where it also passed through Richmond, BC). Not exactly effective logistics being exercised by the US Postal service there. Why would you send something 1000 km farther away from it's destination first!?

However, back to the topic at hand. I ordered four different boxes and after shipping and exchange they cost approximately $26 CAD each. One shop in town does stock a few of the WGF products, but not their full range. Were I to purchase them locally they would cost almost exactly the same price after taxes, but I wouldn't be able to get all the sets I wanted when I wanted them.

Either way really...order online and wait, or buy locally immediately but then have to order other stuff online anyway. As much as I want to support my local shops I also want my consumer experience to be relatively painless. So I'll probably be ordering online directly should I purchase more stuff from Wargames Factory in the future.

The first mix of stuff I bought was a little eclectic:
  • Shock Troopers (18 figures) - also marked as Greatcoat Troopers on the box
  • WWII German Infantry (30 figures) - late war Nazi troopers
  • Zombie Horde (30 figures) - male zombies
  • Zombie Vixens (30 figures) female zombies
I don't really have a need or use for the first two boxes from a rule or gaming standpoint. I've simply been interested in the world wars lately and thought they'd be interesting to add to my collection. Quite frankly I have no idea what I'm going to do with the Shock Troopers. The sort of remind me of Iron Army figures from the Sgt. Savage G.I.Joe line, so maybe I'll do something like that.

The Shock Troopers are great looking figures (and also have the best produced box). The sheer number of heads on each sprue is amazing. I'm going to be ordering the Heavy Weapons box very soon. Now that I have seen the basic shock troops I want to get that set so I can mix all the parts together.

The Zombie Horde I didn't really need at all, but thought the parts could come in handy for conversions. The more parts I can mix together, the more interesting brain-munchers I end up with! Of the four sets, this is probably the least well produced. Lots of good options, but the heads are very soft detail-wise.

I am currently working on a Pulp Figures gestapo squad and their accompanying mad scientist for Strange Aeons /  Kulten, but they are awaiting dedicated zombies for the scientist to experiment on! I still have a pair of unused Mantic zombie sprues and some Judge Dredd miniature game zombie parts so I thought I could bash together some actual Nazi zombie troopers by adding pieces from the German Infantry box parts. I know there are various nazombie kits out there, so this is more of a want-to-do thing than a necessity.

There is a set of 28mm Nazi zombie figures coming my way from the Achtung!Cthulhu campaign I supported this year, but they won't arrive until September at the earliest! From a tabletop point of view it'd look much more thematic to have Nazi zombie soldiers...but I rather think that the civilians make more sense. Why experiment on your own men when you have 1000s of slaves and prisoners to try it out on instead? Looking at the sprues for both sets I already have one kit-bash in mind...

Weapons Sprue
Figure Sprue

The German Infantry box is really cool looking. There are simply a ton of options for arms and weapon customization here. The detail is great, and they come with bases! Great amount of stuff for the price.

And finally, the Zombie Vixens box was my main reason for the purchase. Since working on the other zombie sets lately I realized there was only one female in the whole 18 figures...only one, and from two different sets no less! While I'm sure a lot of women are faster runners or better at hiding than us slow chubby dudes, it doesn't make sense that no women would be getting caught or bitten during the zombie apocalypse. So I wanted to add some female walkers to my collection.

At a quick glance just opening all of the boxes and examining the sprues I'd say that these figures are a good value for the price. A grand total of 108 figures (with LOTS of options) for $108. I think you can all handle the math on that one for yourselves.

Wargames Factory gets a lot of flak online for the quality of their stuff, but so far I'm happy with what I've seen. My opinion may change once I get into constructing and painting these figures. If it doesn't though, I'll definitely be adding some of their Japanese samurai figures to my collection...even though I don't need those either!


Simon Q said...

There new stuff seems to be getting quite good reviews. I only have 6 of the male zombies. They are tricky to paint the detail is quite shallow and once undercoat and base coat is put on they lose some detail.

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks for stopping by as always. I'm not likely to use too many of the WFG zombie heads, if at all possible. I'll probably end up using a few just for variation though. They're zombies of course, so they don't have to be great.

I'm looking forward to some kit-bashing, but I really should finish painting my EOTD vampires first. Wait, make that start painting...