October 09, 2013

Blackwater Gulch kickstarter items received

I received my first shipment a while back, two buildings, from my pledge on last year's Kickstarter campaign for Blackwater Gulch.

Monday morning on my way out the door to work I found another package lying on my doorstep. Not having time to go through it, I tossed it in my backpack to await cataloging...either during my lunch hour or at home when I returned.

I went in for a Marshall pledge of $150, but added on some extras as well. Here's what I got.

Starter gang boxes:
-  Banditos Mexicanos
-  Bloodwolf Tribe
-  Widowmakers
-  Tranquility Crew
-  Wilde's Rangers

Unlocked extras:
- 6 colt-45 dice (these are a lot nicer than I'd expected!)
- The Norwegian
- John Blackwood
- Mickey Finn
- Kurt Wyatt
- Doctor Kilmer
- Nevada Dave
- Father Al
- Marshall Stewart
- Rooster Morrison
- Clinton Wales
- Doc Lloyd

I also splurged out for some add-ons:
- Secret Weapon bases: #1 (desert mesa), and #2 rocky bluff
- Shamus McFox: an unreached stretch goal that they later decided to make available as a $10 add-on
- Gamecraft bundle: 2 buildings and 2 outhouses in laser cut MDF
- Battle Flag bundle: Sherriff's office and gallows in laser cut MDF

Overall things look really nice. Some of the weapons are a little bent from shipping, although they shouldn't be too difficult to reposition during cleanup. I did notice that one of the railings for the MDF buildings was broken in one spot. It too shouldn't be a very difficult repair job, although I think a little bubble wrap could have avoided the problem.

I'm happy to be able to mark another KS campaign as 'fully received.' With Sedition Wars arriving last week, that's two campaigns fulfilled in the space of a few days. The backlog continues to grow! I need to get painting.


Simon Quinton said...

Awesome! Still waiting on the Requiem one which hopefully will land end of the month. Its one of the downsides to KS I think when people buy into like the Reaper one for example. How are you gonna find the time to paint them all! As well as all the backlog they already have.

Obsidian3D said...

Agreed! Lots of models for a good price isn't enough any more. I've been thinking over my collection as more of my pledged items continue to arrive. I think with Bones 2 I will simply opt for the figures I want when they finally hit retail. Maybe by then I'll have decided I don't want/need them.