October 05, 2013

Fallcon & Sedition Wars

I've been around a lot of gaming in the past few weeks, but not actually done much myself. Let's get started with last weekend. Fallcon 26 ran Friday thru Sunday and I was lined up to help host three events on the first two days. Friday night's event was Dreadball.

Unfortunately we only had one person registered for Dreadball, which I found to be quite disappointing, not in that the fellow was there, but in that none of the local players who've bought into the game bothered to come out to support it. It's really hard to build a gaming community when the players don't help out. On the plus side we did end up running three full games and everyone seemed to enjoy them.

Saturday morning was Hordes / Warmachine. There were two guys from out of town in with their armies to play and Sebastien and I ran a demo game for another attendee. Well received, but lightly attended. Part of the trouble might be that it's a miniature game at a board game heavy convention, but I know there are players in town that play this regularly. Other mini games like Infinity didn't seem to have the same problem though, so quite honesty I've no idea why the trouble drawing out attendees.

Starlit Citadel's Kaja looks on as Sebastien from Trilogy Games demonstrates Warmachine

Lastly was our evening event of Heroclix and Strange Aeons. We had four signed up for this one, but again, not as many as we'd like. Overall I enjoyed the convention but I'm not sure that it's the right place for miniature games. Next year I might just go to play games and hit the auction instead.


During the weekend I caught an extremely powerful cold and was laid up for a good part of the week. No hobby stuff got worked on during that time frame, but I did get a nice bit of fun on Friday after I returned home from work. My second shipment of Sedition Wars stuff arrived.

I've gone through it to ensure that everything is as it should be. I'm not missing any models or pieces and overall things look pretty good. With this shipment I've got another 32 models, new cards to go with the second edition of the rules, the painting DVD and the really spiffy terrain pack.

Some of the casts are a little rough, but honestly, nothing I can't fix. The smaller bonus characters look good and I'm sure I can make them fairly decent looking with some paint. For my $210 (including the shipping I paid), I received approximately $100 figures with sculpted bases, the game itself, some really great looking terrain and a very good DVD with tips on painting. I know a lot of folks out there are upset with the Sedition Wars stuff, but other than running late I've honestly got no complaints. For my money I got a ton of figures and a pretty good game to play them with.

The only problem now is that I have another 100 figures to paint!

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