October 16, 2013

Tannhauser Frenzy, Collection Contemplation

Not too long ago I mentioned that I picked up a copy of the Tannhauser core game, a set of equipment cards and the revised rule book. It was pretty much a "hey that box looks spiffy" kind of purchase. I had never to my knowledge heard of the game, so before I bought it I watched some videos online and read a few reviews. It sounded like with the revised core rules, a game I could enjoy.

If you look at the tags I classified this post with, you might ask why it's marked as "Weird WWII" instead of WWI. Based on the fluff, I think it sort of falls into being the same thing in this case. In the story line the great war (WWI) ended up continuing all the way into the late 1940s and early 1950s. It's just the Reich instead of Nazis playing the role of bad guys, so the WWWII label seemed close enough.

During my web travels, I happened upon an online US retailer with a huge amount of Tannhauser stuff on discount. Miniature Market's sale was pretty comprehensive, so I spent approximately $195 to buy all but four figure expansions. Shipping it all to Canada would have negated most of my savings, but having family in the US can be helpful sometimes. I'm not sure when I'll arrange to have it sent up or pick it up, but it should arrive at its destination by Monday next week.

The remaining few expansions I was able to find locally. Frankenstahl, Edison, and the Matriarchy and Shogunate trooper packs were all out there. So in exactly a week from getting started and I've acquired a full collection for the game. Yep, for a game I hadn't even played yet. Kinda goofy that I suppose. We played a game over the long weekend and I have to say I loved it! I can't wait to play it again, and want to try out all the scenario and campaign rules in the expansion packs and books.

Between this and my purchase of the re-released version of Incursion during their Kickstarter campaign, I think I've got my weird war board gaming all covered. In fact, with this last round of stuff, I've really started to think that there might not be much point in buying many more board games or miniature games. My collection of both has swelled a lot over the past two years, while my number of players has dwindled.

Of course there are a few games outstanding still on my wish list, and some further expansions available for games I already own. Unless new games coming out really look amazing, or fill a niche in my collection that I feel is missing, it's likely that I don't have much more to add to it. The largest difficulty there will lie in controlling my own impulses to buy the 'new and shiny' when I really don't need any of it.

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