October 25, 2013

Initial Thoughts on Sedition Wars wave 2

So far I've only had time to put together a few of the wave 2 items. The Hurley drones are very nice. I'm not sure why they're the only ones done in that blue plastic, but they are excellent. There was almost no clean up needed on them. They're a little large compared to the Hurley model itself...I don't see any way he could store more than one of them!

I've also cleaned up and put together all of the bone crabs. These things have pretty prevalent mould lines, made worse by the fact that they have lots of legs. After being cleaned up they look good. Over the top disgusting, but good. I do wish the tails were a little heavier, because they're quite fragile to bending and having stress marks. I might prime these using gesso instead of spray primer just to give them a little extra protection.

The last items I tackled were Ramirez and her necroform model. My casting of the necroform was almost flash-free and has good detail. I'm not thrilled with the necroform pose as it's rather static. The Ramirez figure herself is a nice casting, only a little flash on the one side of her neck and on her leg armour. The contact points between her body and gun piece were much easier to deal with than the original Samaritans.

I'm planning on painting my Samaritans in squads of ten. With Ramirez added in with the figures from my Biohazard pledge I have a total of thirty Samaritans. Each squad has three special weapons troopers; one of each type. Two squads have seven troopers, and the final has six plus Ramirez to round it out to an even ten. In my opinion she looks fine mixed in with a squad. She's a bit thinner for sure, but doesn't look out of place to me.

Sorry I don't have any pictures to share with this post. Once I get some painting started I'll try to get a series of progress posts going.


Simon Quinton said...

Plenty keeping you busy then mate. Looking forward to seeing some pics of these mate.

Obsidian3D said...

It might be a while before I get them all put together. I want to construct and prime the wave 2 items before I start painting anything. All the wave 1 stuff is ready to go.