April 28, 2014

Hobby Burn-Out?

It feels like I haven't accomplished much hobby-wise lately. It's not entirely true, but that's how it feels. I have been able to play a few games recently, mainly SuperSystem and Lords of Waterdeep. I've also been in comic book mode lately, largely due to the my games of SuperSystem.

After our games last week, I dug through my copious amounts of Heroclix figures, as well as putting together some lists of teams or characters that I'd like to work on. Other than big lists of crap though, I've accomplished nothing there in terms of building or painting stuff.

I think some of my malaise is also caused by some of the disappointments on Kickstarter. The folks in charge of SuperSystem cancelled their campaign for 4th Edition with about two days left to go. I already discussed this a bit last week, but it was disheartening because the cancellation seemed so strangely timed, and the reasons for it were pretty lame.

On the plus side of that cancellation, it left me with some funds available to pledge on the Sentinel Tactics board game. I had been watching it, as I love the card game...but I didn't want to stretch myself too thin. The reality is that I've put too much money into campaign pledges and thus ended up with way more stuff than I'll likely ever be able to paint, build or play. Perhaps I'm feeling a bit of a KS-hangover, and I know that there is a ton more stuff still on the way.

Another disappointment of the week has been the recent fuck-around that folks are getting from IELLO, in regards to their Guardians Chronicles campaign. That game's campaign finished over a year ago! The models and game shown during the campaign looked really good, and now that we're starting to see IELLO's true colours (yellow seems pretty damned accurate here), I feel bad that I pledged, let alone the fact that I pimped the campaign a bit and convinced other folks to plunk down their cash too.

I still think the game looks pretty fun, but if the miniatures we get look like the latest samples we were shown in update #83...well... I wanted those miniatures not just for that game, but for other comic-book / superhero gaming mashups. Now I'm not even sure if we'll get the game at all! I do know that no matter what happens, I won't be supporting IELLO as a publisher in the future and I'm sure I'm not going to be the only one out there.

Over the weekend I thought I would finally get one of my Zuzzy mats finished and work on some Heroclix repaints. That turned out to be a bad idea. I spilled acetone on the kitchen table which fucked over the finish (so I'll have to strip and re-stain it), and the black wash that I was trying to use on the broken blacktop wouldn't adhere in the low spaces after three coats, even after the mat was cleaned!

I'm taking a hobby break this week, because well...I'm tired.


styx said...

I don't think it is as much burn out as not feeling like anything is getting accomplished.

I try to look at it like this is when I game, there is less hobby progress. Less gaming more hobby progress. I tend to be less gaming of late and more hobby progress and I also try to keep myself on a schedule like go paint for 30 mins to an hour at least each night if I can.

Scott had his reasons, I might had funded, maybe not....but I think he was shooting for the higher levels to make a more "quality book" than just the bare bones crossing the line and barely making the KS level. Been talking back and forth behind the the scenes and there are things people don't see and are not aware of. It could be seen as lame but it isn't. Scott wants a good product not a half ass production which I do not blame. It is a disappointment but we will still see it on POD and such....

As for GC, yea that is just a cluser F***....that made me put down a board game this weekend I thought my wife would like and I saw Iello was the publisher. Went right to the shelf again. I feel bad also as I promoted it like mad also and now we are getting a bunch of half ass shit so they can get out of the agreement and save face best they can.

As for the black was, get something called Future Floor (name may change and not the same in Canada), helps the ink fall into the cracks like floor wax.

Obsidian3D said...

I certainly understand wanting to do a good product, and fully admit I don't have all the details. I was just disappointed about the decision to cancel the campaign.

This week is pretty busy with work, so maybe I'll do something with some clix that already have good paint work. If I can get some momentum with simple rebasing and washes it might help me get some momentum back.

Thanks for the comment!