April 16, 2014

Quick game of Strange Aeons: Treasure Hunt

Had some time yesterday work to with Uncle Mike on more 2nd Ed stuff for Strange Aeons. Mike and I played through the "Treasure Hunt" scenario. I love the deep one model from Uncle Mike's Worldwide but haven't painted mine yet so I provided the mat, Mike provided the scenery and models. We both agreed that the table looked awesome.

The Threshold deployed first, meaning the deep one had to start farther away that I would have liked. That river looked refreshing however, so he jumped right in on his way to a Lovecrafty snack.

Footsteps on the bridge echoed through the river waters, distracting the deep one from his easy meal. Unfortunately for the scaly beast, the agent on the bridge hates deep ones, and won the combat...allowing him to retreat from the dripping claws.

Blinded by hunger, the deep one foolishly pursued the agent. In the ensuing combat he was unable to catch the slippery agent and cold blood was spilled.

Capitalizing on the distraction, the threshold leader lined up a shot from across the river. Caught out in the open the deep one was fatally wounded (thanks to a critical hit from a double-barrel shotgun!) and the threshold was victorious.

The game was over a lot faster than I'd expected, and certainly not with the result I had hoped for. My first mistake was mixing up who was the leader of Mike's list. I thought it was the fellow with the shotgun, but he was the hater of deep ones. That gave him the chance to survive in close combat, provided he rolled well. Surprisingly (especially since we're talking about Uncle Mike here) those dice were coming up sixes!

I perpetuated my mistake by going after the hateful agent a second time, in hopes of killing him then mopping up the rest of the crew at my leisure. As you saw above that just didn't pan out for me.

A fun game nonetheless, and I know Mike was sweating as we put the board together. The potential for his agents getting maimed or murdered was exceptionally high. I'll get those pesky kids next time.

We also had a really good chat about some new monsters that I can't wait to try out. I'll have to keep those beasties a secret for now though...I don't want my cult membership revoked!


styx said...

That mat looks ace, I may have to get one!

Barks said...

Great looking game!

Obsidian3D said...

It's cool how well the colours I used for paint mesh with both my own terrain and Mike's. I'm looking forward to painting up my larger one now.

Thanks for the comment!

Obsidian3D said...

Much appreciated, thanks for commenting :)