April 08, 2014

Star Trek: Attack Wing - Prepare to be Assimilated

I was able to play in two Month 6 events of the "Dominion War" organized play series for Star Trek: Attack Wing last month. I was a distant second for a DS9 model at the venue I host at, and had no chance of winning at the other. I simply hadn't been able to go to enough tournaments at the second event to garner enough points. All that is in the past however, as the Borg are coming!

Oddly enough, the preview for the first Borg expansion didn't show up on Wizkids website like all the previous ones, but rather on startrek.com. If you want to read the whole preview for the expansion click here. The sphere is a pricey ship points-wise, and seems pretty powerful, but I think the Borg should be powerful. They're the f-ing Borg!

Yeah, still sounds Swedish, but these are nasty cybernetic swedes that you don't want to hang out with!

Anyway, I wasn't I regular watcher of "Voyager" so I don't think I ever saw the sphere on TV, just the little one at the beginning of "First Contact."

The ship itself looks pretty good, and I think that scenarios included in the Borg expansions will be a lot of fun!

It's difficult to talk about the cards until I use them. I've found that my opinions of the cards and abilities change quite a bit after I try them out in a few combination. Some of the stuff sounds very good but ends up being too situational, or costs too many points to really be worthwhile. Other stuff can be tougher to make work but when it does...(take another look at those Energy Dissipators for the Breen, they're way nastier than you think).

We have a few months break in the storyline Organized Play events until we start fighting over the Delta Quadrant, but I'm really looking forward to it. I might even have to go back and try watching some more "Voyager," but really what I want to do is recreate the battle of Wolf-359. I'll have to wait for the Borg cube expansion to be released for that. Until then, I'll get my affairs in order before the assimilation ships arrive.

You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.


styx said...

We are the dyslectic of Borg prepare to have your ass laminated.

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