April 15, 2014

Innocent Bystanders: Modern Civilians

Every game world should be inhabited by people. A lot of games simply ignore the fact that anyone (alien or otherwise) other than the combatants exist. In some games it simply makes sense. For example, in Warhammer 40k would either army care about harming innocent bystanders? More often than not the answer would probably be, "No."

In other games civilians are not only present, but important. SuperSystem or combatants in Pulp City need citizens to serve and protect, or enslave and destroy. With that in mind I needed me some collateral to damage.

I found these figures from the SuperFigs line last fall. The batch of ten figures was a very reasonable $15 and I'd very much like to find the other two packs that were produced. The sculpts are simple, and in some cases not that great, but have enough style that they look good on the table. Painting them took longer than I'd like. The faces and hands on some of them look rather muppet-ish, especially the baby in the stroller and the kid with the teddy bear.

I didn't bother keeping any paint recipes for these ones. Laarni did a fair bit painting on the base coats, and I helped with some of the smaller details like eyes and buckles. Some various washes and a different paint job on the bases completed the work. It would have taken longer and I was glad for her help. She also seemed to enjoy painting something "normal" like a girl wearing a dress. All things considered though I think they turned out nicely. They'll certainly serve the purpose I have in mind for them!


styx said...

Great job! Been thinking of nabbing some of these after the Kickstarter!

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks :)
These were on my todo list for ages. I've got some other superfigs primed, but will probably do some Empire of the Dead and Dreadball figures before I get back to them.