December 01, 2014

Field Report: SA2-141125-MA

November 25, 1924
From: Carl Selinger
To: Director Silver, Calgary Field Office
RE: Case File SA2-141125-MA

Last week my team was investigating the rumours of a large creature near Dead Man's Flats west of Calgary. The rumours proved to be factual; we found the beast near the small church north-east of the settlement. It was easily double the height of a normal man with pallid oozing skin, no visible eyes or mouths, and copious amount of tentacular appendages.

The beast proved surprisingly agile and was nearly upon us in moments. Dynamite seemed a prudent choice and we were lucky Agent Moreau was able to tap into her psychic abilities to help Agent Carter focus his efforts. Randolph ran forward and landed a lucky shot with his incendiaries, but was immediately pounced upon by the monster. We feared him dead as the beast continued its pursuit.

My own gunfire proved ineffectual in slowing the tentacled mass, but Agent Daniels valiantly jumped in its path and disappeared screaming amidst those writhing, ooze covered arms. Monique and I both lost our nerve a bit at this point and began retreating towards the safety of the church.

At the thought of leaving my men behind however I screwed up my courage. I believe Agent Moreau is partly responsible for my change of heart. I could feel her mind brush my own, lending me clarity as I reloaded my double-barrelled shotgun and turned to face the nightmare lumbering toward us. My first shot went astray, but the second...the second landed home. I can only term it luck, some might call it divine providence.

I'll take it regardless, as the beast collapsed and began to...deflate or rot, I'm not completely certain. It cast off a most revolting, noxious aroma. There was little left to investigate, but we managed to collect a small amount to bring back for study. I'm also happy to announce that all of the members of my team are well and accounted for, if a little worse for wear.

I recommend that we further investigate the parishioners of the area, as I doubt it is mere happenstance that we encountered this beast so near a church. A church can hide many secrets, as you well know director.

Carl Selinger
Commanding Field Agent


Robert Audin said...

Great story!

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks :)

The game itself lasted less than 20 minutes. When we rolled up the scenario I thought I was done for sure.

So far I'm 67% (2 in 3) for activating Moreau's psychic abilities. Without here my whole list would likely be dead.