December 18, 2014

Final Star Trek: Attack Wing Event of 2014

Yesterday we played our final Organized Play event of the year for Star Trek Attack Wing:  "The Tholian Web."

Now you might wonder why we were playing a scenario from six months ago, so I'll explain. Back when this tournament was supposed to be run our shop didn't get the OP kit in time for me to hold the event. It did arrive later, but we had other kits for tournaments to run and I didn't want to be running a month behind for the rest of the year, so I opted to wait for an opportune moment.

After "Resistance is Futile" OP2 it was looking very likely that we wouldn't be receiving the month 3 kit in time to hold that event before Christmas, so we played the Tholian Web scenario, but this time with a twist: we played 100-point lists but used the extra RiF boosters to add an extra 30 points of mayhem to the games.

I'm happy to say that everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and we had an excellent turnout. There were a few Federation lists, some Dominion and even a Romulan, Kazon, Klingon alliance thing going on. With an uneven number I didn't join in, as I'd rather have all the players get their three games in than have to sit out with a bye. It was also nice that I got complimented by the shop staff on how well we run our Attack Wing tournaments, which made me very happy to hear!

I did have a list prepared even though I wouldn't have been able to run I needed an Elim Garak card from the Wave 10 Regent's Ship pack to complete it. The shop didn't have it in stock, so I would have needed to come up with a modification and hadn't brought any extra cards to do it with. That said, here's what I was planning to run.

TNG/DS9 Mirror Universe (100pts)

- ISS Defiant w/ Miles O'Brien & Rebellion, Elim Garak, Ezri Tigan and Quantum Torpedoes
- MU Galaxy Class w/ William T. Riker & We Won't Go Back, Jennifer Sisko, Multi-Targeting Phaser Banks and Dorsal Weapons Array
- Improved Shields

The list wasn't any kind of combo powerhouse or anything tricky, just a collection of stuff that looked like it would have a bit of punch and some level of staying power. Borg weren't allowed to play in this event unless you pulled one from the blind booster. I'll have to save this one for an upcoming event because I want to see if it will perform at all.


styx said...

Looked like a good outing!

Obsidian3D said...

Indeed, it's always great to have a full turnout. :)