December 08, 2014

Three More UMW Figures for Strange Aeons

These were among some of the first pulp-themed figures I purchased. Come to think of it, I believe I've had these for nearly three years! They're one of the original sets of investigators from Uncle Mike's Worldwide, purveyors of the fine game Strange Aeons.

If memory serves I based and primed these figures nearly two years ago, after which time they sat on my priming board atop the refrigerator, awaiting paint. I've got dozens of figures in the same condition, and several others sitting next to my painting desk in partially completed states. I don't know why I decided to paint these, other than the fact that the stuff on my desk all looked less than appealing when I sat down to paint the other night.

Currently my Threshold list doesn't need new members, but I know how that can change in an instant. It's always good to be prepared when dealing with unfathomable nightmarish creatures, dastardly cultists and fickle dice that constantly test ones sanity. None of them have had character profiles made up, but I did start thinking of some names. So, here are my agents-in-waiting.

This figure always makes me think of John Watson from the Sherlock Holmes stories. Maybe the book he's carrying are his memoirs, or some tome of dark and lurid magic. Doyle Jones seemed like a good name for him.

This is another figure that totally makes me think of Dana Scully from X-Files. I already painted one of the other agent figures with red hair, so I opted for colours I don't often use here. Most notably the green for her jacket, which was a watered down Vallejo green. I liked the shiny finish on it as it looks sort of like a rain coat. Melinda Carson isn't related to anything, and I don't know anyone named even remotely close, but that's what I came up with for her.

This model sort of reminds me of the Hermann Heizinger figure from Tannhauser, even though they really look nothing alike. The face on this figure was a little roughly cast, but you can still tell that he's definitely an older gent, so I gave him a mustache too. I think he's supposed to be equipped with a civil war sabre but one could argue it's a family heirloom or something. I haven't thought up a name for this fellow just yet. If you have a suggestion drop it in the comments below!


Blaxkleric said...

Good stuff. Think Mr Watson/Jones is the pick of the bunch. but you've done a top job with them all.

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks! I think Jones is the best looking of them too. Miranda's hair is a little too bright in spots but yellow is so hard to fix that I didn't want to bother. I'm hoping my agents won't need replacing any time soon but they're in rough shape...

styx said...

Cranking them out man! Great job!