December 23, 2014

First Play of Power Legion

Seb dropped by on Saturday for some beer, so we fired up a game of Power Legion to go along with it. He took the Exiles while I played using some evil guys in grey.

Zyklon went after Blink but was promptly pounced upon by Sasquatch. He fought his way back to his feet while Kriegeshunde made his way to help out. Nocturne took up a position atop the nearby containers to protect her teammates from the oncoming soldiers. Morph and Spider-Man split off to avoid being flanked.

Morph used his crazy stretching ability to try hitting Zyklon while he was down with little success. (We did note that his stretching die needs to be dropped down to reduce the distance that he can attack from.) My soldiers rolled some awesome activations and surged ahead to cut off Spider-Man and Morph. One of them took aim and scored a lucky shot on Spider-Man, KOing him to the cheers of his comrades.

Nocturne responded by dispatching one of the soldiers trying to creep up on the melee Zyklon was embroiled in. We were just getting into the swing of things, but sadly didn't get to finish the game because I had tix to the preseason Calgary Roughnecks game.

Seb thought the game might be a little too simple compared to SuperSystem but the verdict is still out in my opinion. I'd like to play a few more games and tweak the character profiles to learn how things interact a bit better before I decide. I will admit that I like the feel of it a touch more than SuperSystem in that building characters is a bit easier, while still maintaining largely the same comic book vibe.

I plan to create statistics for some of the other supers that I have and hope to get at least one more game in before end of the year.

Until then, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!


styx said...

Great stuff! I hope once my Hawk Wargames board shows and I get some scenery together I will be rolling some dice for both Supersystem4 and Power Legion, we have some guys interested around here and hell, I helped with Supersystem some, I'd like to earn my name in the credits! Haha!

Merry Christmas!

Obsidian3D said...

Merry Christmas to you as well. Let me know how you like S4. Unless I hear amazing things about it I'll either stick with S3 or use Power Legion.