January 30, 2015

Batman Miniatures Game - First Purchases & Crew Lists

The Purchase

Well this week I took the plunge and ordered some stuff from Knight Models for the Batman Miniatures Game. Let me say first off...OUCH. If you think the prices on the Knight Models store are high while you're browsing, wait until the shopping cart adds the taxes! Ordering enough stuff to get free shipping will cost you at least 150 Euros, but with the exchange rate and tax (21% VAT) the stuff I ordered cost me over $260 Canadian!

That's a lot of money to spend on nine models and a book in my opinion (others of you out there might disagree). I could have ordered fewer items, but then I'd have been hit with shipping charges as well, so the net cost per item would have gone up. With all the cash I've spent on gaming figures in my lifetime, even I feel like it's a ridiculous amount of money for figures I have to build and paint.

I'll definitely be looking for a cheaper source for Knight Models products closer to home if I order anything else. However, here's what should be on it's way to me in a few weeks:

- Arkham City Batman
- Arkham City Robin
- Arkham Origins Bane crew
- Arkham Origins Deathstroke
- Catwoman
- Objective Markers
- Rule book (Joker cover w/ exclusive Red Hood miniature)
- Sewer / Lamp post pack (3 of each)

I think I've got enough stuff to play some various sized games. Also, I've heard that the Red Hood mini comes with the Joker rules card so I can probably use him in place of Bane as a leader, but Bane's thugs might not work for the Joker in the game rules. These nine figures will also let me see a decent array of stuff from the Knight Models line and allow me to decide if I'll buy any more in the future.

For the heroes it's likely that I'll supplement their crews with some repainted Heroclix policemen to represent the GCPD and Commissioner Gordon. I'm sure I can cobble together a group of figures that will be close to 35mm scale, and can use the downloadable character cards from the game's website. That should be enough variation to give the game a really good spin.

The Play

I've had some helpful input over on the BMG English forums about some of the crews I can build with my incoming toys. Trying to keep in mind some limits ($500 per 150 rep, 1 Free Agent per 150 rep) and after a bit of tweaking I've got some good starter lists that I can mess about with as I learn how to play the game.

200 Rep Lists:

- Batman + Robin = 198 Rep
- Batman + Catwoman = 196 Rep
- Bane (Origins), Dallas, Smash, McGregor w/ Night Vision & Ammo Clip = 185 Rep, $1000

250 Rep Lists:

- Batman, Robin, Agent Ron, Bravo = 250 Rep
- Bane (Origins), Catwoman, Dallas, Smash, McGregor w/ Night Vision & Ammo Clip = 251 Rep, $1000

300 Rep Lists:

- Gordon, Alpha, Bravo, Delta = 298 Rep
- Batman, Robin, Catwoman, Tonfa Cop x1, Baton Cop x1 = 294 Rep
- Gordon, Alpha, Bravo, Delta

350 Rep Lists:

This is apparently the 'tournament legal' size for crews in the Batman Miniatures Game. I'm not sure if I can actually make crews that large with what I have (and a few coppers), but here's what I'm thinking...

- Batman, Gordon, Alpha, Bravo, Delta, Agent O'Donnell, Tonfa Policeman w/ 2x Flashlights = 343 Rep, $1500
- Bane (Origins), Deathstroke (Origins), Catwoman, Dallas w/ 2x Ammo Clip & Night Vision = 330 Rep, $1450

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