January 27, 2015

Reaper Bones - Red Hulk

This figure has been rattling around in the big box of stuff in my Vampire Package that I got from the first Kickstarter campaign for Reaper Bones. I was given a version of this Bones model painted up in green and purple to represent the Hulk by Uncle Mike a while back, and decided I'd use mine to do a Red Hulk. While I don't know anything about Red Hulk or Red She-Hulk other than who their alter egos are, I think it's a cool look.

I painted this figure in less than an hour, including drying time for the washes. Highlighting took another 10 to 15 minutes. Very simple paint recipe:

- P3 Skorne Red for all the skin
- P3 Greatcoat Grey for the shorts
- P3 Menoth White Highlight for teeth and eyes
- Black to simulate some hair
- GW Fortress Gray for the nails

Once the base colours were applied I did some rough dry brushing: P3 Midlund Flesh on the skin and some P3 Trollblood Highlight on the shorts. Following that I splashed on some GW Badab Black wash on the shorts, followed by some GW Baal Red wash on the skin. I made sure to wick away the wash that pooled in the eyes and on the teeth so that I could paint them later.

For highlighting I used a bit of the GW Fortress Grey for the shorts and to add some detail to the hair. Some P3 Midlund Flesh was used to bring up the contrast on the skin and we were done. Finally I put a touch of P3 Yellow Ink into the eyes sockets and I was done. The paint job was effective and quick. I think the figure makes for a great looking Red Hulk.

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